DMCJA – District and Municipal Court Judges Association

The DMCJA was authorized by the Legislature as was their older brother the Superior Court Judges but the lawmakers gave them no description as to what the purpose was or mission was. To a large degree the DMCJA has played by the rules, they incorporated, they maintain a UBI license and they pay their taxes (or at least report to the IRS on Form 990).


DMCJA Bylaws

DMCJA Registered Agent Hinchcliffe AOC Lawyer Lookup

DMCJA Statistics

DMJCA SOS Corporation

2004 DMCJA IRS Form 990

2005 DMCJA IRS Form 990

2006 DMCJA IRS Form 990

2007 DMCJA IRS Form 990

2008 DMCJA IRS Form 990

2009 DMCJA IRS Form 990

2010 DMCJA IRS Form 990

Some history on the Lobbying efforts the DMCJA has engaged in over the years-

1997 DMCJA L3

1998 DMCJA L3

1999 DMCJA L3 Amended

1999 DMCJA L3

2000 DMCJA L3

2001 DMCJA L3

2002 DMCJA L3

2003 DMCJA L3.

2004 DMCJA L3

2005 DMCJA L3

2006 DMCJA L3

2007 DMCJA L3

2008 DMCJA L3

2009 DMCJA L3

2010 DMCJA L3

2011 DMCJA L3

2012 DMCJA L3

2012 Melanie Stewart and Associates L2

DMCJA still however is provided at least one full time AOC staff member (public funds diverted for private cause). The AOC claimed authority to violate the Constitution is the legislation creating the AOC-

1957 Legislative Session Chapter 259 Creation of AOC


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