Two More Fresh Misconduct Lawsuits Naming King County Superior Court Judges Filed

Two lawsuit were filed against King County Superior Court Judges recently, citing gross misconduct and numerous Constitutional rights violations. Both lawsuits were filed in Snohomish County Superior Court.

KCSC Presiding Judge Susan Craighead is named in both actions as is KCSC Judge Palmer Robinson, Lori-Kay Smith, Elizabeth Berns are named in only one of the actions.

Hupy v. Craighead and Robinson SCSC 15-2-03020-3

3-23-15 Complaint 15-2-03020-3 filed

3-23-15 Summons 15-2-03020-3 filed

Haggerty v. Craighead, Robinson, Smith, and Berns SCSC case 15-2-03021-1

3-23-15 Complaint 15-2-03021-1

3-23-15 Summons 15-2-03021-1

3-26-15 LKS Zaike Signed LTR

Both case are being defended by the King County Prosecutors Office Deputy John Zeldenrust.

Zeldenrust has yet to respond to the complaint but did reach an agreement to engage in limited discovery prior to-

2015-04-27 DISC KC’s First Discovery Requests to Hupy

Also a recent set of Public Records were provided by the KCPAO which shine some light on additional misconduct-

KCPOA PRR Exemption Log 05-8-15 (CODED)

PRR Release 05-08-15

In response to the unlawful exemptions and to notice the KCPAO of Witness Tampering the following was sent-

5-08-15 Email to Zeldenrust

A challenge to the PDR exemptions was also lodged with the Prosecutors Office-

5-08-15 PDR PRR Exemption Challenge

The KCPAO (King County Prosecuting Attorneys Office) has quickly responded to the challenged unlawful claimed redaction’s to the May 8, 2015 PRA responsive documents.

5-12-15 Revised PRR KCPAO Email

Exemption Log 05-12-15 Re-Release(CODED)

Re-Release 05-12-15

Judge Susan Craighead has taken the step to prejudice and characterize the pending legal action-

From: Craighead, Susan
To: Berns, Elizabeth; Robinson, Palmer; Smith, Lori-Kay
Cc: Kuffel, Thomas; Eldred, David; Sherfey, Paul
Subject: FW: Service Haggerty v. KCSC Judges
Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 3:09:09 PM
One of the less-than-happy duties of the Presiding Judge is to inform judges when they have been sued. Today your
names (and mine) came up. Apparently Christopher Hupy is suing judges again.
. If you have not been sued before as a judge, let me just explain that the PAO represents us and
generally the process is not particularly painful as most lawsuits by disgruntled litigants or public-records requesters
get resolved by a motion to dismiss.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, a


More to follow in the days ahead in these cases.



  1. John Doe says:

    What was the outcome in these cases? I intend on suing the presiding Judge in my Co in Wa for stripping me of my constitutional rights. Is filing this suit as these others have in Superior Court the same court the right option?

  2. […] stated, she and Judge Lori-Kay Smith know who to kiss-up to – Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. (See s.j.a) As Judge Susan Craighead put it, your constitutional rights are of no concern because if you […]

  3. Jane Doe says:

    Can ANYONE confirm the outcome of this case??
    A known judge involved in this cae has violated my rights, disregarding past DV, and the safety of my child!

  4. Ronald Kessler when he was Chief Judge of the King County Judiciary did have me transferred to his Judiciary from Unincorporated King County Sheriff Dept. That he may charge me with the crime of Arson 1.
    None of the elements to charge or convict ever existed. He was and is next door neighbor to my former In-Laws. Curt and Margie Smitch.
    Judge Kessler should be jailed for “Color of Law” crimes.
    I only want my record cleared of crime no one committed.
    Check it out. King County Superior Court Case 11-1-08234-9

  5. I was threatened by Prosecuting Attorney Ben Gauen with “Life in Prison” should I exercise my right to trial, “Life in Prison and a $30,000.00 fine ?
    Public Defenders David Roberson and Suzanne Pickering should be jailed in the same case as they should have demanded my release for they both knew none of the elements of the crimes charged existed.
    King County Superior Court case 11-1-08234-9
    Joseph M. Murphy ~vs~ Krooked Kessler

  6. Kessler finally got Judge Bruce Heller to “fake” a trial. I say fake a trial because as I suspected during Jury Selection the jurors were friends of the court. I looked up the names recently Juror #1
    Greg Rubstello (an attorney who represents municipalities). Not very impartial ? Juror #8 Linda Elwood (city of Seattle Human Resources employed) WTF. Can any of you members of the Superior Court Judges Association help clear my record ?
    619-764-1926 Joseph M. Murphy
    I want the further my career but my record of Attempted Arson and associated charges (by Kessler) are prohibiting me from doing so.
    God Bless