SCSC judge Anita Farris one more example of Judicial Incompetence

On July 24th, 2014 a hearing took place in SnoCo cause 14-2-03819-2 Hupy/Haggerty v. Judges of King County Superior Court. A motion presented by the defendants for dismissal citing CR12(b)(6) and a motion for Disqualification by the plaintiffs.

The Judge, Anita Farris a long term SCSC Judge was hand picked by SCSC Presiding Judge Michael Downes to hear this matter, worth noting Downes is a “officer” of the group calling themselves “Superior Court Judges Association” which is merely a front for the AOC (Administrative Office of the Courts) a somewhat clever shell to conduct illegal lobbying activities and diversion of public resources.

Reveled in this transcript is a total disregard for Judicial Canons, applicable statute and constitutional violations. Ferris at times is confused by what motions are in front of her and even at one point she is confused as to whom the defendants counsel is, mistaking Tom Kuffel of the King County Prosecutors Office with Jeff Even from the Washington State Attorney General (who is in fact HER lawyer!). Judge Farris even testified as to facts of the case, an obvious canon violation.

While this case is one of first impression as never has the issue of “Judicial Intellectual Property” come before the court it is not “rocket science” it is a black and white due process issue. Judges share valuable information to only a select few while actively denying it to others.

50 pages of Farris clearly demonstrating her lack of understanding and bias with her business partners the defendants.

7-24-14 Transcript of Judge Ferris Ruling

Just one more example of long term Judicial Incompetence….


  1. Chris, as an activist myself I am following your case with interest. In talking with Anne Block, an investigative reporter for and activist too, we are of the opinion that all the “corruption” has its genesis in the state’s management of risk. Around 1989 the cost in “being” government became a problem. Government grew, more was demanded, costs were getting out of hand and “liability” for all that governments were expected to do and provide, but were screwing up, became an issue that threatened the whole enchilada — “unlimited risk” associated with being the “provider and protector”. Hence the Office of Risk Management and the “outside” contracts with “risk management firms — such as, for example, Marsh and McLennan” — in other words, the bribers and manipulators who work outside the prying eyes of the public.

    Your experience with Judge Ferris and the courts is one of these risk management tactics — send an aggrieved on a wild-goose chase by simply denying due process.

    All of this “structural” design to avoid liability is what provides a breeding ground for all the other corruption, if it (corrupt judges/lawyers/prosecutors) isn’t also by design. Anyway… you’re on to the game and it will be interesting to see how “risk management” via the Courts and their judges, deal with the likely exposure of their “hide-behind” tactics.


  2. Sean Jameson says:'s.pdf Judge Farris and a group of Sno-co lawyers fined a mother and tried to put her in prison for reporting crimes against children, including child sex trafficking.

  3. niko says:

    Snohomish County Cause
    ) No. 16-1-01672-31
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    v. ) Court of Appeals
    ) No. 76519-1-I

    seems she has a record fucking the asians.