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  1. Stephen Codling says:

    If any more anecdotal evidence is needed at this time in case Doug Bartholomew is like a zombie and lives on to eat lives at his accustomed rate, please read on! I met him in 20003 and he had his routine down then. Let me count the ways:
    No judge put me there; having heard what a nut job he was, my attorney came with first to respectfully give him the facts of the case. He threatened me for the first time in that meeting as soon as the attorney left the room.
    I won’t even address his methods which by now you know are bizarre. Several times he work himself into discomfiting rage as he talked about his step child with special needs and how the system was not giving the kid what Doug wanted. He seethed and had trouble holding in the anger, which if you heard his entire diatribe, was about his wife giving him such a burden. On a dime he turned his focus on the group and I was his first stop. He looked in my eye and could see I was quite attuned to his rage and also a little nervous for the people in this room who he bullied every session.He moved on. When the sessson ended he asked me to stay behind. From behind his little Doug desk he tried to rile me. He leaned in to me and said “You are the most threatening man I’ve ever had in here. I have it my power to extend your time.” I walked away, of course, which made this sicko more determined.
    Here is the story that Doug found so offensive. Judge Douglas North had thrown out a contrived family court DV offense and ordered that all reference to my ex’s whacky story be out of the parenting evaluation. I petioned to get some protection for my sons and drew a burned out ad litem literally on her last case. The police report was 100% accurate but was twisted into a passion play by a first rate advocate and ethical midget attorney named Kerry Richards, who knew the commissioners would not take time to query his fiction. I never took the ravings of my domestically threatening ex too serioulsy until way too late. Despite not a freaking blemish on my record in 52 years of living, old Doug was 100% certain that I was trying to get over on him when my turn came to tell group what went down.
    I never raised my voice in his office, went along with the whole Doug Bunny spiel, but would not conform to Doug’s dead wrong take on the facts. His gyrating logic was always driven by what seemed to be a default small man’s anger that he just could not contain. After I completed the entire program, he refused to sign the completion form that would give me my parenting time for the first post divorce holidays. I had no tardies or misses, Doug tells me I have to redo the program. I said nothing, left and never returned. I did not give him the fuck you very much he deserved because I had learned what he was all about and what he might try next. He then went on to try and sabotage me on every possible front via late entry file keeping. He hurt my sons with this stuff. It lingers.
    So good on you! FYI,the ad litem first sent me to either Dave or Doug Wright, (last name correct) to be evaluated. He took to calling me at odd times at night, randomly during the day which I figured was how he rolled. Then he propositioned me three different times in which I had no interest – and ran $750in false charges on my credit card. Doug was my sentence for resisting his advances. I reported this to the state and they sent be back a letter saying he was being fined because his license was something or other – no mention of what had gone down.
    So then I got to Roland Maiuro, the mighty saint of DV $. A hefty cut above Doug B to be sure, but not above talking out of both sides of his mouth to generate fees. He bullies on his payment by not affiliating with any insurance,as if having insurance for this was his orignal and exclusive insight into evil character. Puhlease. He does not keep agreements. He missed over half group sessions for personal reasons that he would not cop to until pressed by some group attorneys, extending all of our agreed “treatment” by months. The sheer arrogance of this one. If called on anything he would take you on a fun word ride that eventually moved all responsibilty away from him. Another small man in the end, singed by human fraility and burned out.

    That world was (is?) chockablock with lunatics.

    Thanks for this gift to the community,
    Steve Codling

  2. Arthur West says:

    I was looking for the actual judges association to file a records request and found your site;
    Right On! Keep up the good work. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

    Compared to the judges site yours is much more informative.

    I am currently suing the District Court association for refusing to comply with the records act, and am looking for contact info for the group you are lampooning.

    I have seen Bartholemew run his corrupt scams for over 20 years. It is nice to know that he has finally been caught.

    • Kelly Craig says:

      It is a shame a more competent law firm did not tackle the matter of access to court records via the PDA/PRA when the matter was brought before the courts. There are several issues that were not addressed, but that could have blown the current trend of exempting the judiciary and the courts (which are, in law, distinguished from each other).

      1) The people of The State of Washington put the Public Records Act [PRA] in place to insure we could monitor OUR [representative] government. In doing so, we nowhere exempted a branch and, certainly, not the branch often called the most powerful branch- the judicial branch.

      2) The Nast versus Michaels case, cited as the case that answered the question of if the judiciary was subject to the Act, only addressed case files, not administrative records. Anything other than that was dicta (judicial ramblings).

      Like Vance vs Thurston County, the case evolved into something it was not and is, conveniently, cited as justification for denying the government, that is, We The People, access to files kept by our “representatives,” or employees (public servants).

      3) The PDA clearly stated the will of the people – which was to insure we could monitor government at ALL levels.

      4) The Act covered campaign finances, lobbying and public records. That has not changed. The only thing changed is, it was broken down in the codification so the records portion may now be found under chapter 42.56 RCW, while the remainder, including adminsitrative remedies (e.g., RCW 42.17.400) remain under the former chapter.

      This left attorneys and the public confused and many do not realize the laws are yet tied, but listed only in the former chapter, leaving the erroneous impression the remedy at [formerly] RCW 42.17.400 only applies to campaign and election matters.

      5) Under the Act, judges MUST report campaign contributions. Too, if elected, they must report business dealings. A failure to do so can result in up to a $10,000.00 fine for a violation by failing to do either. Clearly, judges WERE/ARE subject to the Act and, to avoid the fines, do file (the records are available to the public, for review, through the Public Disclosure Commission).

      That judges were recognized as being subject to the Act can be seen by review of the case of Judges of the Everett District Court vs Hurd. District court judges lost that round.

      6) The higher court, conveniently, concluded the judiciary is not named in the Act, so is not subject to it. However, the facts noted above show that not to be true. Further, hundreds of state and local agencies also are not specifically named in the Act, but remain subject to it.

      7) The judiciary claim the Nast case made clear the judiciary was not subject to the Act. The Nast case pointed to our common law right of access to case files, not administrative records, as the basis for those files not being subject to the Act. In other words, we had a prior, higher right of access under common law.

      If the courts are going to rely on that logic, it would also stand that administrative records of the judicial branch are subject to disclosure under that higher, common law right, just as are case files.

      To use the power afforded it to exempt itself from public scrutiny only works to bring more question about the integrity of an already disrespected branch. One must wonder how many judges would not fare well, if their records were exposed to the light of public scrutiny.
      – See more at:

      • Kelly Craig says:

        In addition to the foregoing, it remains the Nast vs Michaels case was all about the improper delay in releasing court case files.

        The Court, though it’s working might have been a bit muddy, stated:

        1) The routine delay in releasing case files (one day turnaround) King County sought to impose violated our common law right of access to the courts.

        2) The Public Record Act [PRA] did not apply to case files because we had a common law right of access to them (the Washington Constitution) and that common law right exceeded any right under the Act.

        3) [Though the pleadings of the case did not reach them,] the court issued the decision administrative records of the judiciary were exempt for the reasons stated above.

        Considering these facts, it stands to reason administrative records of the courts and the various offices of judges and court clerks, since the court grouped them in with case files, cannot be withheld, because the right of access to them is protected by the common law.

        As such, an unreasonable withholding of administrative records of the courts equates to a denial of access to the courts.

        Such records, if the light of day were shown on them, would, undoubtedly, result in disclosures of all manner of prejudicial and other acts outside the scope of authority of the people’s agents.

    • Lonna says:

      Please contact me:


  3. Chris says:


    I have followed your work over the last few years and congratulation on holding the system accountable for their actions.

    The DMCJA as run by Judge Durr and her predecessor Judge Tripp is night and day more by the book than “The Association of the Superior Court Judges of the State of Washington”, but that being said they still leave lots of room for improvements.

    I will contact you.

  4. Ginou Tapp says:

    Chris: is this a new website that you have?

    I am not clear. Ginou

  5. Chris says:


    This is a new website, my many years of dealing with the DV Industry Professionals have led me to what may be the root of the problem, which is the Judiciary.

    Whether their actions are that of incompetence, malice, or just plain laziness to do the job they paid for the problem is Judges. Be it Fleck in her constant spewing on about “separation of powers” all the while being the worst offender, or Dick McDermott’s failure to train and supervise, or Barbara Madsen’s “Gender Feminist Communist” (quote from Erin Pizzey) agenda.

    This is where change must happen.

    But I am still active in addressing areas of DV Provider accountability whenever possible.


  6. Detelin Draganov says:

    you may be the guy I am looking all over. It is judges and it is organized crime. It is very hard for someone like me to fight it .I have been doing it for six years, but I need a guy like you to get all of those crooks out of the system. There is no control and there is no rules. Even the vague ones in place are for decoration. All of this allows those people to participate in organized crime-the corrupted and mentally impaired. The victim is the society and innocent kids. I am dedicated to held them liable, but I need your help.

  7. Chief Judge Kessler should be removed from the bench he disgraces.
    See: KCSC Case No. 11-1-08234-9 sea
    Google Search: “Abortion of Justice Kessler” to read the truth the whole truth and nothing but the Truth.
    Remove He who’s very presence in a Robe makes a mockery of our judicial system.
    Releases level 3 sex offenders on OR ?
    Takes Death penalty “Off the Table” for the murder of a Police Officer?
    He pisses on our Constitution
    And Deficated on SCOTUS LAW

  8. Joseph M Murphy says:

    Please Write:
    US Attorney General
    Mr. Eric H. Holder Jr.
    Ask AG Holder Do His Sworn Duty by:
    Prosecuting King County WA. Superior Court Chief Criminal Judge
    For the “COLOR OF LAW” Federal Crimes he is Guilty Of!
    Refer to King County Superior Court Case No.
    11-1-08234-9 Seattle
    God Bless
    United We Stand
    Joseph M Murphy

  9. Google:

  10. ellen hendrick says:

    Where can i get a copy of the most recent “Washington Judges Family Law Handbook”?

  11. Detelin Draganov says:

    I have been waiting for almost a month and a half my case v. the USA to be filled in US Supreme court.Their confusion is understandable-they should justify 7 years ongoing federal crime.
    If is not -God saves the Queen-all this corruption will be exposed on
    Stay tuned for the latest news-this fun is coming soon.

  12. Pam Revere says:

    The below link to an internet program is something that every Washington State Superior Court Judge should carefully listen to. Seattle attorney Scott Stafne explains in detail about this very disturbing time of foreclosures by banks, servicers, securitized mortgages, and mortgage fraud. Very interesting and enlightening program about how we have gotten away from the rule of law.

  13. Jill J. Fleck says:

    I am a victim of the Spokane Superior Family Court that has a case that has brazen criminal conduct committed by a Judge and her unethical collegue that you may have an interest in which the criminal wrong doing was exposed by The WA State DOH that investigated a complaint which these sworn officers of the court have done everything including commit more crime and abuse their power to avoid accountability and conceal it. Contact me anytime Jill Fleck 509-607-5791 or email

  14. Please send me a District and Municipal Court Judges Association Membership Form as I am a new part time Administrative Commissioner. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. If there is a place I can print this out at, I would be more than happy to print it out myself, if you can direct me to that area. Thank you.

    Howard F. Delaney
    Spokane Municipal Court

  15. Dan says:

    Guys,great news.All corrupted judges, lawyers and prosecutors will be exposed involving state and federal level.
    Do not miss if you want to know why Laughlin got out, so Durcan, Judge James Dorty,Bellevue Police Chief Pilo and even the most “sensitive” US Attorney General is in his way out.
    Support me to Petition the White House to impeach US Supreme court that had managed already to justify a federal crime,somebody has to fight judicial corruption,right?

  16. Mark Sunde says:

    according to the Wash constitution only U.S. citizens may hold an elective office, the RCW’s are also clear that every qualified judge must be a U.S. citizen and a voter, and for a non citizen who registers to vote as a U.S. citizen it is a class “C” felony. so how do we qualify the judges? what definition do we use? and how can we identify a U.S. citizen and differentiate him from the state Citizen? well since the Gov will not identify them I have. SEE “The 16 Standard Elements Qualification Test” take the test for your self, how many sitting judges do you believe can pass this simple test? and how many can be held subject to a class “C” felony? unfortunately most Americans who believe they are U.S. citizens will be surprised to find out that they are NOT.

  17. Lonna says:

    To The Judicial Commission of Washington State & All Others~

    I am writing the Washington State Judicial Commission to address a severe injustice perpetrated against me and my son starting in June of 2015, and beginning earlier that year in January 2015. I am requesting relief from this burdensome criminal injustice committed against me and my son, and also an investigation into the matters I am about to explain.

    I am a single mother of a young toddler boy who is currently 29 months old, but whom I have not been able to see or hold since September 16, 2015, since he was 20 months old. My child was forcefully removed from my physical and legal custody by purposefully rushed and falsified legal proceedings that should have never been allowed to occur by standards of Washington’s State Family Law RCW Code, the Federal Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA), Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA), and Washington State’s Judicial Commission Code of Conduct and Canons. I am concurrently also requesting a Federal Audit into all proceedings that have occurred dating back to my son’s birth, January 14, 2014, and all future proceedings that will occur with this case and subsequent counter lawsuits pertaining.

    {“The Supreme Court has warned, “Because of what appear to be Lawful commands [Statutory Rules, Regulations and -codes–ordinances- and Restrictions] on the surface, many citizens, because of their respect for what appears to be law, are cunningly coerced into waiving their rights, due to ignorance… [deceptive practices, constructive fraud, barratry, legal plunder, conversion, and malicious prosecution in inferior administrative State courts].” (United States v. Minker, 350 U.S. 179, 187, 76 S.Ct. 281, 100 L.Ed. 185 (1956);”}

    I am attaching further information and evidence that was submitted to the courts but was then disregarded illegally as far back as August 2015. This information shows through official evidence and documentation all within the WA State law, that the hearsay claims against myself from my domestic abuser and his lawyer to effectively kidnap my child and conceal him over state lines for over 10 months, have been knowingly false, erroneous, illegal and felony maneuvers allowed through by local and state officials the whole time.

    This includes the documented domestic abusers themselves, (Adam Lewis and Lawrence Lewis), as well as the lawyer (Nathan Cliber), WA State prosecutors (Dan Satterberg, Jamie Johnston, Jordan Marken), Seattle detectives (Luke Hillman and Garski), and specifically and especially, several judges (James Doerty [RETIRED], Susan Amini, Barbara Linde, Kathryn Fields [RETIRED-30 YR FAM LAW LAWYER], Canada-Johnson, Carlos Velategui, SVETSKY, Larry Besk [RETIRED], Svetkey[Oregon Judge], and finally the major violator of his own Judicial Canons, Richard Eadie). All this will be documented through court transcripts which are not to be tampered with and is yet another felony action, if found to be done and “tweaked” to commit these crimes.

    All these individuals, whose salaries are paid for by taxpayers, all who knowingly and maliciously committed fraud, obstruction of justice, and RICO-like racketeering together to forcibly and violently remove my child from my arms under false, illegal, and defaming principles and assertions. Claims that had no legal barring and none of which was held up by legit evidence.

    I was stalked and also cyberstalked online over the course of several months, prior to and after the illegal kidnapping of September 16, 2015. They proceeded to use this information to skew and manipulate artistic and expressive endeavors to get my son back, for the purposes of constructing a false case and narrative around why they committed these crimes against me and my child months prior. All this was done maliciously and through cunning and calculation by those people I have named above. There are others involved, but these individuals were the major offenders and felons.

    This was done in hopes of justifying their “illegal adoption” of my own biological child to our abuser, who was forcefully removed from my arms months prior and without legal wherewithal, through a major trafficking and extortion venture. This was set to take place under the radar here in King County, WA and Multnomah County, OR, and over the course of a year or more to attempt to make the crimes less perceivable by the general public and oversight divisions. Alas, the evidence I first presented in August and throughout the proceedings still rings as Truth, as well as the large paper trail of crime done to and involving me and my child, still exist along with this Truth, which will not remain covered for much longer.

    The goal was to deny me legal assistance throughout this process, rush hearings, and deny evidence from social workers, doctors, and PhD’s who all were trying to put this abusive attempt by Adam Lewis to use the courts for extortion, domestic and child abuse, in context for the courts. These individuals mentioned above-used manipulation to take advantage of poor judicial oversight and a corrupt court environment they had constructed, and used seemingly “legal channels” to do so (against Judicial Canons and Codes of Conduct), which we now know to be anything but “legal”. Again, this was all done AFTER my son was taken, to create a false narrative to justify their initial illegal kidnapping.

    I am requesting a deep and thorough investigation and federal injury into these major felonies committed against myself and my child. I am requesting my child be placed back in my full and legal custody immediately, and out of the way of danger, where he currently resides in Portland, Oregon with his abusive father. I have had a First Amendment Right social media campaign going strong the whole time this has been going on, and thousands of people, friends and family, also including the media, social media, the FBI, and other federal bureaus agencies, as well as state and local officials all watching and well aware of the events that took place, and some of them, as they were happening.

    I expect this to only grow larger with this investigative request, and those thousands of people will be eagerly awaiting your response and inquiry assessments, as they too are all well aware of evidence presented, as well as the WA State RCW statutes, Federal Laws, and WA State Judicial Canons obliterated during this process of stealing my only child from my arms for money. I imagine I am one of many dealing with this severe abuse of our justice system to enact crimes against fit and loving mothers and small children, in an attempt to fight as a Pro Se litigate for the lives of our children against this horrendous abuse. I know so, and talk with those other mothers frequently. I know it is only a matter of time before we band together to take this on VERY publicly. I believe it is in everyone’s best interest that this movement for mother’s rights and parents rights begin right here in Washington State with this case: #15-500228-8 SEA and my son River Roland Anderson and a judicial inquiry and investigation, because the movement against political corruption within our judicial environment has already begun with the same.

    I do not have any record, or even points on my license prior to this atrocious white collar crime done to me and my child in September 2015. Adam Lewis, whom my child was given to and remains concealed with, does have a record, as do all of his witnesses against me (ie. Carol Hough, Jennifer Barbee), and from the research I have done, so do all of the individuals I named above, have quite a history of malfeasance and even facilitation of child and domestic abuse and extortion, when they themselves could somehow be the beneficiaries of such crimes.

    I encourage you to do the right thing and what your position and the law requires, and begin an investigation immediately into the information I am bringing to you through this letter and subsequent evidence. I am more than ready and willing to provide any additional evidence needed to back up my assertions. I am also requesting an emergency hearing to bring my son home and dismiss the illegal actions already taken so far, which has removed him from my loving care and custody.

    Please let me know how I can be of assistance to your process.

    Thank you, beyond words, for taking the time to look into this and correct these judicial attempts to inflict pain and suffering on a young mother and child, for no other reason whatsoever than to illegally facilitate domestic abuse, child abuse, and extortion through our own King County Court System here in Washington State.


    With A Warm Heart And Lots of Light,
    Lonna Marie Anderson, HNC.
    Seattle, Washington

  18. Erik Borst says:

    Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Kevin Hull is not fit to judge a coloring contest. His first action involving dissolution was issuing a mutual restraining order at one of several frivolous ex partes. An RO was already in place by Kitsap due to my ex being arrested for DV/Assault4. This egomaniacal tyrant conflated speech (mutual name calling through texting limited to the time frame during separation) with violence to create a finding of a history of DV which he applied solely to me. I have no criminal record. Somehow my use of vulgarities was “controlling and outrageous” but hers were apparently ok. I inquired as to his bias and he replied “She’s already enrolled in a DVTP”. Enrolled or ordered? Either way irrelevant to the matter at hand. He ordered me to a DV evaluation AND to attend a DVTP in the same breath. The counseling agency evaluation found me within normal limits but the fraudulent recommendation was for me to attend 26 weeks of DVTP due to Hull’s influence. I researched the WAC pertaining to DV evaluation and notified DSHS of several inconsistencies. DSHS investigated, supported my findings and reprimanded the counseling agency. But lest I comply with his BS treatment orders I will not (and have yet to) receive the standard 3 weeks that fathers are so generously granted with their kids during the summer. I provided my letter of separation from working for the DoD 14 years yet an ex parte abusing imbecile’s slander and textbook allegations inspired Hull to declare that I quit my job due to drugs and/or alcohol. That frivolous evaluation determined no history nor current use of illegal substances and no issues with alcohol. Aforementioned imbecile lawyer also claimed that I had a long term emotional problem that affected my ability to parent and Hull went along with that too. I filed a motion to reconsider and Hull struck it down. 45 days after “final” ruling, Hull allows imbecile to add unconstitutional measures to his ruling (curbing my freedom of speech when communicating with my former wife of 8 years) followed by Hull’s unilateral act of treason whereas he revoked my right to bear arms as if I were some sort of felon. He was scoffing at every mention of my name and pissed that I wasn’t there for presentation (it snowed a few inches that morning and I was testing for a new job) stating his opinion that the roads were fine and that he had drove to Puyallup and back that morning. One year later, Hull failed to notify me of yet another ex parte where he allowed for my children to be relocated 100 miles away without any notification to me based on recycled text messages (several without dates) that the court had seen and judged upon twice before.. now declaring them to be “further harassment”. I found out from my son’s 1st grade teacher during a conference that my kids were being moved away soon. I have my kids every other weekend and am only allowed to call them on Tuesdays and Thursdays for absolutely no reason other than the profit driven corporation State agenda to proliferate the bureaucracy. Judge Adams is just as malicious and dishonest and Cuclas is a complete idiot. May God forgive them because I never will.

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