Michael Bugni defendant in malpractice lawsuit

Michael Bugni and the Michael W. Bugni and Associated PLLC, have been named as defendants in a lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court, KCSC cause number 14-2-13826-1 Sandra Noreen v. Michael W. Bugni.

Ms. Noreen states in her complaint misconduct on the part of Bugni, which if anyone has faced him or anyone from his firm as opposing counsel knows misconduct is the name of their game. Micheal has long provided shelter for another lawyer Karma Zaike, he took her under his wings long ago and made her the disgrace to the legal community she is today.

Mr. Noreen recently retained new counsel, Seattle lawyer Jeffrey T. Parker.

5-14-15 Bugni Docket 14-2-13826-1

5-14-15 Jeffrey T. Parker Lawyer Profile


Motion Bugni

Good luck M. Noreen.


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