Yakima County Superior Court

In another post Harold Delia the so called “Court Consultant” for YCSC (Yakima County Superior Court) is discussed. I had a chance to have a telephone conversation with Delia concerning “Contract Worker” vs. W-2 Employee, I had many questions and he had little answers. A couple days later I get a letter from long time Yakima Lawyer David Thorner saying any future contact with Delia is to be directed to Thorner. Not bad I think to myself when a Judicial Official lawyers up within 24 hours I know I have hit a nerve.

7-10-15 Delia Lawyer Letter

7-22-15 Delia Lawyer David Thorner WSBA

Upon learning a new name in the corruption circle, David Thorner, I did some more digging. It seems Mr. Thorner has some previous connections with the Judges, in 2012 he co authored a Law and Justice Report 6-07-12 Law and Justice Report Thorner Hutton Connell this report is highly critical of the Yakima County Prosecuting Attorneys Office all the while almost not mention of any Judicial issues, hum.

On December 29, 2014 Yakima Counties newly elected Prosecutor Joseph Brusic and County Clerk Janelle Riddle were sworn in. After the morning ceremony while at a local cafe Prosecutor Elect Brusic asks Clerk Elect Riddle to come to his office for a quick meeting, not his to be office at the Courthouse but his old private law firm office, hum.

Once at this meeting he proceeded to demand Clerk Riddle sign an agreement which he claims then Clerk Kim Eaton had already signed (however his statement was a fabrication as no document/agreement was ever signed by Eaton). Riddle stated she would not sign any agreement because she was voted in to make change. Brusic for the next two plus hours verbally pounded on Clerk Riddle at one phone a phone call was put through to his office, who was calling? David Thorner, hum.

The meeting was then moved to Yakima County Courthouse 2nd floor.


The dirty pool started before she took office.

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