Fraud at Yakima County Superior Court- Harold Delia

This is the first in a series of articles about Yakima County Superior Court, this one discusses Harold Delia.

Who is Harold Delia? His official “Contract Worker” title is Court Consultant and according to this contract he has no authority over personnel, no authority to enter into contract, no authority to speak for the court, no budget authority. Here are some contacts for services between Yakima Superior Court and Delia Consulting-

2009-2014 Harold Delia Contracts

Delia monthly payments

These contracts have been worded by Judges like David Elofson and Ruth Reukauf to give the casual reader the impression there is no employee relationship. However apply even the slightest scrutiny to Delia and the Fraudulent scheme perpetrated by the members of this dirty little guild becomes crystal clear.

Delia started with Yakima Superior Court back in 2002, a newspaper article from that period discusses the reason for the unorthodox employment arraignment-

STATE’S RETIRE_REHIRE LAW_ Court administrator reinstated after retiring

The scheme allows Delia to draw his retirement and continue to function as Court Administrator, sort of a fraud against Washington Department of Retirement Systems and the citizens of Washington State. Delia does not and has not for years paid into the retirement system.

Washington Labor and Industries published this manual for use by employers to determine if a worker qualifies as a “Independent Contractor”

Labor and Industries 1099 Guide

There is a Two part test in section A of the manual followed by a 6 part test in section B of the manual.

Some of the reasons Delia Consulting fails almost every test can be found here-

6-12-15 DOL Delia Business License Lookup Delia does maintain a DOL License, small plus for Delia.

6-12-15 DOR Delia Consulting Business UBI Lookup Delia does not have an open DOR account as such he pays no state or local business taxes- Fails one of the 6 L&I Tests

6-12-15 SOS Corporation Search Delia Consulting Delia Consulting is a Sole Proprietorship, not much more than a $25 business license.

7-10-15 DexKnows Delia Consulting Phone Search No record found for Delia Consulting.

7-10-15 Yellow Pages Delia Consulting Search No record found for Delia Consulting.

5-30-14 Delia WBAR Compliant PA Hagerty So this is an example of Delia using the popular Judicial tactic of “if I say it is so then it will be so”. Delia claims he sent this WSBA Lawyer misconduct complaint as a citizen but yet he uses the Yakima Courthouse as his address, Yakima County telephone number, and Yakima County email address. He even admits in this Yakima Herald story that he has a meeting with Judges Reukauf, Bartheld, and Elofson and the BAR complaint was discussed. 5-31-14 Yakima Herald WSBA Complaint Article.

4-03-09 Case No. 822298 Yakima Herald Republic v. Yakima Delia as Administrator In this lawsuit Yakima County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Stefanie Weigand (WSBA 32968) confirms that Delia acts as Public Records Officer and is Court Administrator of YCSC.

3-10-15 Yakima Commissioner Minutes Delia talks about traveling to Oregon and speaking for the Judges. Delia is a person in charge, much more than a Independent Contractor.

3-20-15 YCSC Email Janelle Riddle

4-20-15 YCSC Judge Elofson Letter

RESPONSE – Hupy, Christopher Request re LAR 3

YCC Chapter 2.98 Defense of County Officials This is Yakima County Code detailing when the Prosecuting Attorney can represent, Delia does not qualify.

YCC Competitive Bidding Yakima County Code requiring competitive bidding, Delia Contract was never put out for bid.

1-20-13 Yakima Herald Judicial Budget Scott Missall So the Judges hired a Seattle Lawyer who represented the Judges in Grays Harbor County to bully the Yakima County Commissioners into a budget deal.

4-25-13 Yakima Herald Delia Budget Deal with Commissioners This is the end result of the threats, Harold Delia signed the agreement, Delia is no Independent Contractor.

6-04-14 Yakima Herald Delia WSBA Complaint Article

Council 2 Delia Ordering Employees to Remove Postings It is reported that Delia has been directing staff at least since 2002.

5.18.15 Resp w docs re Elofson ltr (1)

Court Protocols with County Delia Signature.

creswell letter regarding separation of powers Actual threatening letter sent to Yakima County Commissioners

Transcript 3.30.15 This is one of the best documents is debunking the Fraud that Delia is a Contractor. In this Delia says he is directing staff and controls the budget.

Corporate Counsel Division – Prosecutor’s Office – Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney These are the lawyers in addition to Joe Brusic who represent the Judges.


WBSA Stapanie Weigand Lawyer Profile

2005 AOC Court Directory 2014 AOC Court Directory 2012 AOC Court Directory 2015 AOC Court Directory Delia has found his way into official court directories

Washington State Labor and Industries, Washington State Employment Security, Washington Department of Retirement Services, Washington Department of Revenue, all will have a closer examination of this scheme developed by the YCSC Judges and Harold Delia.

Accountability is knocking on Harold Delia’s door right now.


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  1. Michael E Hess says:

    Delia is merely the tip of the iceberg in a sea of corruption.