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2006 Judges Domestic Violence Manual

This manual was created as a bench book or bench guide, in Family Law every Judge and Lawyer will rely on it. It was created by the Judges and DV Industry insiders for the use of every Judge who may rule on DV related or influenced cases

The relationship between the Judges, the DV Industry (both Advocate side and Professional Providers) is one of exclusion, they exclude any other opinion or position other than ones which serve their agenda.

This is a MUST read manual.


2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 1 Scope

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 2 What is DV

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 3 Legislative Response

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 4 Criminal Pre-Trial

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 5 Criminal Trial

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 6 Evidence

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 7 Criminal Dispositions

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 8 Civil DVPO

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 9 DV Database

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 10 Parenting Plans

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 11 Child Abuse

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 12 Dissolution

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 13 DV Rural Courts

2006 Judges DV Manual Ch 14 DV Tribal Courts

2006 Judges Manual Appendix A DVPT

2006 Judges Manual Appendix B Children

2006 Judges Manual Appendix C Federal DV Laws

2006 Judges Manual Appendix D LGBT

2006 Judges Manual Appendix E

2006 Judges Manual Appendix F Immigration

2006 Judges Manual Appendix G Child Abduction

2006 Judges Manual Appendix H DV Links

2006 Judges Manual Appendix I History and Authorship

2006 Judges Manual Appendix J Guidelines DVPO

What do Washingtonians think of their Courts?

Released in 2009 by Washington State University “Public Attitudes Regarding the Selection of Judges in Washington State” this is a great read document. I always appreciate others opinions of the Judiciary, mine has become fact based over the last few years but I still look for opposing views in hopes I am wrong.

1-2009 WSU Judicial Approval Study

While there is plenty of Glass half full insights from likely Lawyers or Law Students, the statistics are revealing the public feels there is lots of room for improvement.


For example on page 21-

“It is clear from the results set forth in Table 14 that registered voters in Washington tend to view their judges favorably. Washingtonians tend to believe that their judges are somewhat accountable to the public, they are fair and impartial in their judgments, they can be relied upon to be honest and trustworthy, and they get high marks for being qualified to serve. With respect to negative traits, there is limited sentiment that special interests exercise undue influence and that justice can be bought. However, among the negative traits, the criticism that Washington’s courts are overly “political” tends to strike a chord with Washington’s registered voters. As noted above, a common theme identified in the comments recorded on the current system of nonpartisan elections related to the “excessive political influence” present in the timing of resignations from the bench and the making of interim appointments.”


Well I guess you could look at the percentages in the above light, or I offer this:

When asked if their Judges were qualified? 45% surveyed responded NO

When Asked if Their Judges were Honest and Trustworthy? 41% responded NO

When asked if they were Fair and Impartial? 42% responded NO

When asked if they were Accountable to the Public? 49% responded NO

Are your Judges Controlled by Special Interest? 22% said YES

Are your Judges “For Sale”? 16% said YES

Are your Judges “Political”? 41% Said YES

I know if I take the BAR exam and score a 65% I have failed, if a person only provides truthful responses on 59% of their IRS 1040 they will get audited and maybe prosecuted, and a quarter of the people think you are controlled by someone or some other group in your job performance, you get fired.

My take on this study is that the Registered Washington State Voters who participated gave the Judges a FAILING grade.

The topic of RETENTION VOTING for Judges seems popular, most people do not know what this is, simply on every election every Judge would face a YES or NO vote regardless of a opponent “SHOULD THIS PERSON REMAIN BEING A JUDGE? YES OR NO.” I am a huge supporter of this, this would allow the people to clean house on some bad apples or bad orchards.

At a recent meeting Supreme Court Justice Susan Owens inquired (pleasantly and certainly no offence meant or taken) as to why I attend Judicial meetings or if I was looking for evidence of the evil empire, at the time I really did not have a substantive answer, having mulled it over I conclude the reason I attend such meetings is not to look for BAD Behavior from Judges it is to look for evidence of GOOD behavior because I have plenty of fact based material covering the abuse of office, misconduct under the color of law, and all around out of control actions of Judges from the Superior Court to the highest Supreme Court Judicial Officers.

I already know the BAD Justice Owens I am looking for the Good, still looking however.



DMCJA – District and Municipal Court Judges Association

The DMCJA was authorized by the Legislature as was their older brother the Superior Court Judges but the lawmakers gave them no description as to what the purpose was or mission was. To a large degree the DMCJA has played by the rules, they incorporated, they maintain a UBI license and they pay their taxes (or at least report to the IRS on Form 990).


DMCJA Bylaws

DMCJA Registered Agent Hinchcliffe AOC Lawyer Lookup

DMCJA Statistics

DMJCA SOS Corporation

2004 DMCJA IRS Form 990

2005 DMCJA IRS Form 990

2006 DMCJA IRS Form 990

2007 DMCJA IRS Form 990

2008 DMCJA IRS Form 990

2009 DMCJA IRS Form 990

2010 DMCJA IRS Form 990

Some history on the Lobbying efforts the DMCJA has engaged in over the years-

1997 DMCJA L3

1998 DMCJA L3

1999 DMCJA L3 Amended

1999 DMCJA L3

2000 DMCJA L3

2001 DMCJA L3

2002 DMCJA L3

2003 DMCJA L3.

2004 DMCJA L3

2005 DMCJA L3

2006 DMCJA L3

2007 DMCJA L3

2008 DMCJA L3

2009 DMCJA L3

2010 DMCJA L3

2011 DMCJA L3

2012 DMCJA L3

2012 Melanie Stewart and Associates L2

DMCJA still however is provided at least one full time AOC staff member (public funds diverted for private cause). The AOC claimed authority to violate the Constitution is the legislation creating the AOC-

1957 Legislative Session Chapter 259 Creation of AOC


Welcome to the SCJA

The SCJA is short for Superior Court Judges Association a Washington State licensed business, we are in no way affiliated with or a agency of the State of Washington, we provide fee based and no fee based Judicial accountability consulting, but here all you will find is plenty of free citizen focused resources all designed to enlighten the average person concerning the activities of our Judiciary.

Given the requirement we the people have for information about what our government is doing and how it conducts the business of the people this resource is born. The foundation of our republic is based on the principle that our government is for the people, of the people, and beholden to the people who created it not the other way around.

The last couple decades have brought enormous change to one branch of our government that has gone mostly unnoticed and has largely escaped public scrutiny, the Judiciary. Formation of many sub-groups from the “Board of Judicial Administration” (BJA), the “Administrative Office of the Courts” (AOC), to the re-animation of long since dormant associations (District, Municipal Court Judges), and “The Association of the Superior Court Judges of the State of Washington“.

The most powerful tool available to the average citizen is knowledge, simply put one cannot control abuse of power if that abuse is shielded from inspection, what information posted here should be considered bread crumbs because the Supreme Court in our state has decided, under the color of law, that they are somehow immune and exempt from the single most powerful tool created in the last 50 years by the people- The Washington State Public Records Act (codified as RCW Title 42.56).

RCW 42.56.030 The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies that serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may maintain control over the instruments that they have created. This chapter shall be liberally construed and its exemptions narrowly construed to promote this public policy and to assure that the public interest will be fully protected. In the event of conflict between the provisions of this chapter and any other act, the provisions of this chapter shall govern.

Nothing contained on this website nor any comments are intended to be legal advise and should not be confused for such, the legal arena is a complex and often confusing place, will a lawyer help you or become part of the problem for your specific case I can’t answer that question. Knowledge is power and if you have to interact with the legal system learn everything you can, it is cheaper online than in front of a black robe. If you need legal help for your case please seek those professionals, usually a phone number for one can be found on the back of most transit buses.

Many mistakenly believe our Justice system is Adversarial in design and construction between only the litigating  parties, do not fool yourself because everyone in the Courtroom is your adversary and deserves to be treated as such, including all Judicial Officers present.

Protection of your rights is your responsibility, never forget. No Judge or Lawyer should ever be relied on to protect you and your family from abuse or deprivation of rights, question this statement- just ask any father who has been through the Family Law system in our State.

Whether your visit here today is based on being thrown into a unfamiliar and frightening family law courtroom, a legal researcher, a member of the Judiciary, or simply have a passing interest in our Judicial branch of government please accept my warm and sincere welcome and comments are always appreciated.



Chris Hupy, Principal
Superior Court Judges Association