Just Released Public Records from the Attorney General

These documents were just released by the Washington State Attorney Generals Office. They paint a picture of just how corrupt the AG’s office with the diversion of public funds to aid and assist the “non existent” association of Superior Court Judges.

The violation of the public trust perpetrated by this association, which unlawfully uses my name, is obvious but has flown under the radar of almost everyone for years and years.

They collect money from each and every county in this state under the guise of a “association membership due” however there is no association. In 1933 the legislature created “The Association of the Superior Court Judges of the State of Washington” as the Constitution prohibits the legislature from creating a corporation (See Article XIII Section I of the Washington State Constitution) the act created a new State Agency subject to the Legislative branch.

The Judges have then charged the counties annual dues of $1000 per Judge and $500 for each and every Commissioner (whether Constitutional or otherwise), in King County this amounts to over $50,000 per year. This money is then largely used to hire a private lobbyist named Tom Parker from Spokane ($100,000+ per year).

The Judges however like to “walk the fence” between a private entity and a public entity. In 2011 the Judges or some of them filed a lawsuit against Barbara Jo Fulton and prevailed in obtaining a $450,000 judgement, in favor of the non existent entity payable to then Pierce County Superior Court Judge Linda “CJ” Lee (Lee now serves as Division II Court of Appeals Judge as appointed by Gov. Jay Inslee) and/or Pierce County Superior Court.

As these documents released from the AG’s office demonstrate they also like to get the free legal services of AG Deputy Jeff Even.

Lots of questions and only foggy answers to who and what these people are.

12-09-14 AGO PRR Part 1

12-09-14 AGO PRR Part 2

12-09-14 AGO PRR Part 3

12-09-14 AGO PRR Part 4

12-09-14 AGO PRR Part 5

12-09-14 AGO PRR Part 6

12-09-14 AGO PRR Part 7

12-09-14 AGO PRR Part 8

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