Judicial Accountability comes to Snohomish County Superior Court UPDATED

A lawsuit filed today in Snohomish County Superior Court names Chief Presiding Judge Michael R. Downes, Judge Anita Farris, Superior Court Administrator Robert “Bob” Terwilliger, and Court Reporter Sheralyn Barton (who is also a Officer of the Court) as defendants. The Cause number is 14-2-06148-8 in SnoCo Superior Court.

The issue is one all too familiar- Diversion of Public Funds for a private cause.

9-11-14 Hupy v. SCSC 14-2-06148-8 Complaint

9-11-14 Hupy v. SCSC 14-2-06148-8 Summons

It is clear on this action the Judges have allowed by act and/or admission public funds to be diverted, and I am sure once discovery starts coming in a very long term pattern of theft will be demonstrated.

Judges above the law? Not if some concerned citizens have any say in it.

Judge Ellen Fair issued a ruling this week saying the case has been assigned to a visiting Judge, however what she really ruled was that in order for me to get relief I must drive to Tacoma and have Pierce County Superior Court Presiding Judge James Orlando hear my case, more aptly “Visiting Plaintiff”

11-25-14 Judge Fair Order

Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe has filed a CR12 motion to dismiss citing all of the prescribed authorities that the Washington Association of Cities and County has spelled out as a generic Motion to Dismiss.

Motion to Dismiss CR12b6 Unserved Copy




  1. Anne says:

    Chris –

    Way to go! Corruption harms all of us. Judges here in Snohomish County believe themselves to be above the law… we wish you well.

    Keep up the great work!

    Gold Bar Reporter

  2. Willie russell says:

    Wonderful….we are watching them…