Doug Bartholomew LMHC – One More Chapter

A Lawsuit was filed in Snohomish County on Friday August 29th, 2014 against Bellevue area Mental Health Counselor Douglas J.W. Bartholomew. Bartholomew the who was once called “The Enforcer” by his peers within the Domestic Violence Industry has in recent years fallen from grandeur and been largely exiled from the King County family law domestic violence community. All this disgrace was perpetrated by his decades of unchecked abuses (largely against unknowing fathers going through custody cases) which were finally called into account.

The case, SCSC cause number 14-2-05926-2, alleges Bartholomew violated Washington various subsections of Washington RCW 70.02┬áMEDICAL RECORDS – HEALTH CARE INFORMATION ACCESS AND DISCLOSURE.

In Summer of 2013 Bartholomew petitioned for a Civil Anti-Harassment Protection Order, actually twice and both times his petitions were found to be without merit and summarily dismissed (Snohomish County District Court cause numbers U13-0047 and U13-0077).

During his sworn examination on the stand in those proceedings he testified that he provided mental health psychotherapy to his patients in absence of any diagnosed medical need for such services, in addition to declaring he had released protected patient records 100’s of times without authority to do so.

So this lawsuit HUPY v BARTHOLOMEW cause number 14-05926-2 was filed-

8-29-14 Bartholomew Complaint 14-2-05926-2

8-29-14 Batholomew Summons 14-2-05926-2


Once again Bartholomew exemplifies the reason tighter qualifications should be required prior to licensing by the Washington Department of Health.

Bartholomew has recently developed a serious case of amnesia apparently as his response to the complaint indicates

11-04-14 Defendants Response to Complaint

Bartholomew also sought to seal the entire case from public examination- This motion however was denied by SCSC Judge Krese-

11-07-14 Defendants Motion to Seal

11-26-14 Defendants Motion to Seal Case Denial Order Judge Krese

Plaintiff filed a Motion to Disqualify Judge Krese for cause, not surprisingly she denied any such bad behavior and denied the Motion-

11-26-14 Motion to Disqualify Complete

11-26-14 PLaintiff Motion to Disqualify Denial Judge Krese

Order Denying Defendant Bartholomew Motion to Seal

11-26-14 Defendants Motion to Seal Case Denial Order Judge Krese

11-26-14 PLaintiff Motion to Disqualify Denial Judge Krese


  1. Robert J. Paige says:

    It is without exception that in my divorce case, case no. 99-2-13905-3SEA,originally started in June of 1999,that Doug Bartholomew, MSW, along with another counselor, Myrna Pinedo, Ph.D., both filed several of the most consistently unprofessional, biased, incompetent, neglectful, and extremely poorly written documents that were deemed as inconsequential by KCSC after over two years of fighting with the courts to prove that what they had written were bold face lies against me. And even though I had filed complaints against both of them in 2000 with the Washington State DSHS, it was found at that time that this department “After careful consideration of the information you sent, the Secretary of Health has determined not to pursue disciplinary action against Mr. Bartholomew’s registration and/or certification to practice as a counselor. The closure of a complaint in no way indicates that the complaint filed was without merit, The Secretary of Health has limited investigative and financial resources for the pursuit of complaints against health care providers”, which I have come to understand was a standard common response from this department. And now, after all of these years at least Doug Bartholomew has been given his just rewards for his actions.

    The most sever consequence of all of this was the loss of the once loving relationship between my daughter and myself which is still ongoing even today. To get a better understanding of just how these two helped to ruin this relationship through their exceedingly biased and completely unsubstantiated documents, along with KCSC’s willingness to go along with them during this time period in their continual quest to “just play it safe,” I’ve put together seven videos that I’ve posted on YouTube. They can be found at:

    Divorce Proceedings Part I:
    (Paige vs. Paige)
    Divorce Proceedings Part II
    (Murata vs. Paige Court Transcripts – A)
    Divorce Proceedings Part III
    (Murata vs. Paige Court Transcripts – B)
    Divorce Proceedings Part IV
    (Murata vs. Paige Court Diary
    Divorce Proceedings Part V
    (Evidence File, Myrna Pinedo, Ph.D)
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI-A
    (Evidence File, Doug Bartholomew, MSW)
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI-B
    (Evidence File, Doug Bartholomew, MSW)
    Divorce Proceedings Part VII-A
    (A Daughter Lost)
    Divorce Proceedings Part VII-B
    (A Daughter Lost)

    Robert J. Paige

  2. Charlotte Dille says:

    Look into Johnston County Judicial System and you will find corruption at its finest. Domestic violence victims are treated as the offenders and the bad guys get off.

    Please investigate. Everyone knows about it but no one is brave enough. To do anything. I left the county in order to save my life but I am researching and learning what I can to help make a difference.

    You can make a real difference because your law firm is large enough for the county to respect you and you will be safe.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  3. Leah R. Golberg says:

    Welcome to Domestic Violence & Parental Kidnapping perpetrated by, in my case 15-2-00202-2, Yakima County Superior Court – 5 of 9 judges recused, Judge Elofson refuses to recuse, Judge Federspiel returns on Writ of Habeous Corpus(MY DAUGHTER, who my estranged filed false CPS reports to abduct, now overturned in my favor [mother, actual victim, estranged wife and pro se in this matter] due to a secret email (I ACCIDENTALLY GOT A COPY OF THIS EMAIL WITH ATTACHED FALSE SHERIFF’s REPORT, RIGHT! BRUSIC!!!!)a report that I never saw or could defend at hearing, Yakima County Prosecutors who are in alliance with my estranged as he is a drug informant, YPD, Yakima Sheriff’s and the list goes on! I have filed over 217 motions, all denied or dismissed and terminated w/o cause or merit, even filed with the Supreme Court and my submission for indigency VANISHED! I will recover custody of my daughter, believe that and will expose the absolute corruption in Yakima County.