Hupy v. Jacqueline Jeske

On September 12th, 2011 Seattle Lawyer Karma Zaike brought forth a petition for a Civil Domestic Violence Protection Order on behalf of her client Saiyin Phasavath in cause number 04-3-00375-3 SEA, normal business at KCSC, almost.

The problem on this petition is that her client Phasavath was facing a Domestic Violence Assault Charge for chocking her 14 year old son and Zaike would shortly become the subject of a criminal investigation for witness tampering by the Renton Police Department.

The petition was presented to KCSC Commissioner Carlos Velategui who denied the motion

9-12-11 DVPO Denial ExParte Signed Vealtegui

9-12-11 Phasavath DVPO ExParte Denial


Zaike then went “forum shopping” she left the 6th floor of the KCSC Courthouse and went down to the 2nd floor and was able to note this motion for a second time on the family law calendar in front of Commissioner Jackie Jeske.

By any stretch of the imagination this action could only be described as a revision the petitions were identical, no declaration as why the same motion should be reconsidered (even though this would no have been appropriate as a Commissioner has no power of review/revision).

The real problem for me is that I was included as a restrained party in this civil Domestic Violence Protection Order, a action I have never been Joined into.


10-3-11 Complaint Exhibits

10-06-11 Amended Admissions

10-06-11 Amended Complaint

10-06-11 Amended Summons

10-10-11 KCSO Return of Service KCPAO

10-24-11 Certificate of Service[1]

10-24-11 Demand for Plaintiff to File[1]

ammended return dated 10-13-11[1]


  1. Detelin Draganov says:

    Jeske is gone. She should never been there in first place. She has had caused a lot of damage and I believe that she has had developed mental issues too.

  2. sickofwacourts says:

    Jeske is not gone. She is there and she’s awful. She is totally bias and does not follow any sort of legal rules.

  3. Chris says:

    I wish more litigants who go in front of her would ask her “Where Sky Metawala is?” she is 100% responsible along with Seattle lawyer Veronica Freitas for the disappearance of that child.

    Craighead and McDermott moved her away from the public eye but now the media has moved off the missing child story she is back on family law calendar.

    • Jane Doe says:

      Can you please elaborate on this? My family & I have been destroyed by yrs of litigious abuse in KCSC. I read the above comment & it stopped me in my tracks. I was about to plead to this Veronica Freitas for immediate emergency help in a family law nightmare turned reality.
      If you come across this anytime soon, I would greatly appreciate some info regarding this attorney and what the above comment is about, as it sounds horrific if it involves the disappearance of a child!

      Unfortunately, I’m all too familiar with many of the commissioners & judges names I’ve come across while educating myself via your articles & links in hopes of saving myself & my childs future. Only this time, due to the rampant accusations of gender biased judges & their rulings, I was WRONGLY reprimanded as I was seen in this light.
      This opposite gender bias now RULES, and clearly misjudged in my case. *ERR in JUDGEMENT*
      I can relate to most of the horror stories in family law, as my personal story is far more complicated & complex than many. I continue to find myself appalled at how easy it is to use this ‘gender-bias’ excuse to add fuel to the never-ending inferno. It didn’t take any credence or factual evidence, didn’t require the abuser to meet their ‘burden of proof’ following yrs of non-compliance.
      This is the reward I get for seeking help when most needed, following the advice of advocates & relying on WA’s RCW’s for an adequate cause to guarantee favorable results.
      I HAD a glimmer of hope and confidence in my truth.
      I have zero faith in WA justice system, notably family law. In the end it proved to be 100% false security.
      A certain well-known KCSC judge, MISJUDGED the reality & severity of MY situation. Clear, factual evidence, as well as reports, assessments & CASA evaluations were ALL DISREGARDED, ruling against what was determined to ‘be the best interest of the child’…sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? Said judge has been named in prior civil complaints mentioned in links herein.
      Oh yes, we had already been through round 1 with a horribly disqualified & disgruntled PE whom clearly had their biased opinion set beforehand which led to oversight & unjust judgement by another underqualified and pre-occupied KCSC judge.
      The Injustice System.
      This gaining opinion, though likely factual in many cases, only fueled the gender-biased assumption of late causing this ‘opinionated POWER’ judge to successfully turn against me, crudely misjudging me & what my family & I have been put through in KCSC over the last 8 yrs.
      ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

      Any hope in the CJC?…praying so…

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    Jeske is on the family law motions out of King County Superior Court in Kent. Total garbage and biased towards women. My ex didn’t show up to court and my “default” motion got gutted to almost nothing. Stereotypical liberal fem-nazi.

  5. Dave says:

    A comment above reminded me of the question, is coercing your own child to conceal a crime witness tampering? By my reading it is. I am not aware of any exemptions under the law.

  6. Chuck says:

    Commissioner Velategui gets it right most of the time, however the system allows ways around getting it right. It’s well known that protection orders are easy to get and many times cause prejudice against those it should protect. I’ve seen this happen many times and currently experiencing it myself. It’s instant legal abuse, considered irony by many lawyers