Doug Bartholomew Complete Unabridged History – New Documents Added

Doug Bartholomew has been providing Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment services in the Seattle area for over 20 years. During most of that time he was the darling of the Courts, his assessments and evaluations while virtually devoid of any clinical legitimacy are typically over compensated for in volume, conjecture, hearsay, biased, and fantasy based conclusions.

Bartholomew over the last couple of years has faced a heightened level of scrutiny a ruling by now retired KCSC Judge Michael Fox, a deposition in which Bartholomew admits to never evaluating a man who does not need DV Treatment, and several professional complaints both to the DOH and the DSHS.

This is likely the most comprehensive single database complied on this provider available anywhere-

Douglas J. W. Bartholomew
DOB – January 13th, 1950
SSN – xxx-xx-xx84

Home Address:

84x Garden Green Place
Sultan, WA 98294-9509

Business Address:

13606 NE 20th Street Suite 200
Bellevue, WA 98005

DOH Healthcare Provider License LH00003582

Doug Bartholomew is not the only abuser in his house, Kathy Benardout-Bartholomew (his wife) has been gotten into the act as well. This recently released document from the Washington State Attorney Generals Office indicates Bartholomew sought to have the AG’s office intervene on their behalf, answer was NO THANKS.

Kathy Bartholomew AG Request

Here is another just released document from the Washington Attorney Generals Office, the first document is the redacted version previously posted, the second document is in it’s native form. It is a professional evaluation called “EXPERT REVIEW” conducted by a well respected Health care provider in Seattle named Harriet Cannon M.C., LMFT, LMHC she was retained by the legal team at the Washington Department of Health during the investigation of Misconduct by Doug Bartholomew. 

This report is nothing more than scathing indictment of the horrors in dealing with Bartholomew.

Bartholomew Report DOH Redacted

Bartholomew Report DOH


Doug Bartholomew agreed to a stipulated finding of breaches in his professional conduct, massive monetary fine and heightened Department of Health Supervision and lifetime ban on ever conducting another Domestic Violence Evaluation.

3-01-13 DOH Informal Disposition

3-01-13 DOH Statement of Allegations

Doug Bartholomew petitioned for protection under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. According to the documents it appears that he did this to evade accountability from the Washington State Department of Health and is using the legal system to “RE-VICTIMIZE”.

As part of the stipulated agreement with DOH Bartholomew agreed to a $5000 professional fine (to be paid over several years) refund of his professional services fee to the victim in the amount of $2900, and restitution to the victim for the defense of the professional misconduct- a STAGGERING AMOUNT OF $69,000!!!!

But as a expected tactic of avoiding accountability Bartholomew has filed BK, “always the abuser and always somebody else’s fault” I have not been able to find one single instance where Doug Bartholomew accepted personal or professional accountability for his actions, if you know of one please let me know I will post it upon receipt. 

Here are his recent BK filings and also those from 2002 and 2003 (yes he is a habitual filer, but within his constitutional rights however)-

4-30-13 Bartholomew BK Petition – This petition provides all the debts and assets declared in the Bankruptcy.

6-03-13 Bartholomew Ammended Income Filing – Income has changed as well as the addition of a $19,000 IRS Tax lien from 2010 and 2011 Federal Taxes

6-03-13 Bartholomew BK Ammended Schedule D-F

4-30-13 Bartholomew BK Filing Douglas

4-30-13 Bartholomew BK Docket

4-30-13 Bartholomew BK Attorney

4-30-13 Bartholomew BK Case Summary

4-30-13 Bartholomew BK Deadlines and Hearing Schedule

12-12-02 Kathy Bartholomew BK Filing

10-26-03 Bartholomew Chapter 7 BK Filing

4-30-13 Bartholomew BK Parties

4-30-13 Bartholomew BK Preferred Mailing List

4-30-13 Bartholomew BK Notice of BK Filing

4-30-13 Bartholomew BK List of Creditors

4-30-13 Bartholomew BK History

One more little tidbit worth mentioning, it appears that Kathy Bartholomew had enough money on April 1st to start a new business, but she must have forgot to mention that on her Federal Sworn Under Penalty of Perjury Bankruptcy Petition, just like Doug never let a little detail like BK Fraud stand in your way…

2013 DOR Business License for Kathy Bartholomew

Washington Dept of Health Public Records Response

5-06-13 DOH Public Records Response Bartholomew Complaint LH2011-154410NMR

This Document contains the actual complaint which resulted in the misconduct finding against Bartholomew as well as other complaints from the past.

250 pages of quality reading about the abuser Doug Bartholomew


Washington Dept of Health Public Records Response Part Two-

6-06-13 DOH Doug Bartholomew PDR Response

This set contains the report completed by Bartholomew which resulted in the Professional Misconduct finding as well as a transcript of a older deposition.


Starting with some of the most sought after Documents over the last few years. If Doug Bartholomew is actively involved in your case at a MINIMUM these documents should be mentioned in your case. DB is a toxic force against any man, to let your guard down thinking he will help you is nothing but a Kool-Aid induced delusion.  

10-15-03 Weden Petition for Protection Order This is the Protection Order Doug   claims is NOT Domestic Violence, Ms. Weden is the former Mrs. Bartholomew

10-15-03 Weden Signed Protection Order Order Signed by a Judge

Weden Bartholomew DV RO Docket Y3 034385 Interestingly KCDC no longer has any of these documents on file somehow they have been misplaced in a relocation from Redmond to Issaquah, or a “friend” maybe threw them away.

12-15-10 Bartholomew Response to Complaint Doug Bartholomew Responds to the Protection Order to the DSHS

Full Transcript Bartholomew Deposition This is was taken as part of cause number 04-3-00375-3 SEA on March 25th, 2008. While partials of this transcript appear elsewhere this is the full deposition.

Judge Fox Comments[1] This is a partial document from cause number 08-3-08507-8 SEA, it is a closing argument brief which contains transcripts from a oral ruling made by Judge Fox.

6-27-11 Mothers Brief 662139 The KCSC ruling was appealed by the mother in cause 08-3-08507-8 SEA this is the brief in support of overturning that ruling.

9-27-11 Fathers Brief 662139 This is the fathers response to the above Appeal.

2-13-12 COA Div I Ruling 66213-9 This is Court of Appeals Division I ruling upholding the lower Court findings, this however is a non published opinion so while it can be cited the Judge has discretion as to it’s legal weight.

Bartholomew also conducts a “Sight unseen” Evaluation which he will sometimes calls a Assessment, he admits under oath that he has never conducted one which he did not recommend 12 Months of Mental Health Psychotherapy in the form of DVPT. Here is an example of the likely 100’s he has conducted over his career.

2-20-08 Bartholomew Report Exhibits This is a 9 page report, Bartholomew clearly identifies himself as a Health Care Provider, he draws mental health conclusions if not a full blown diagnosis, he admits the only information he relies on has been provided by the Petitioner as part of a DVPO case which by Court Rule forbids the application of any Evidence Rule.

Bartholomew testimony in legal proceedings has very damaging results, even when the Court is provided with contradicting expert testimony many Judges will still give more weight to Bartholomew. Here is a transcript of a oral KCSC ruling.

8-07-12 Dean Lum Oral Ruling Transcript This is a transcript of the Oral Ruling made in cause number 08-3-05355-9 SEA, it is long but it clearly depicts the bias KCSC Judge Dean Lum has.

Although based on the degree or public exposure over the last couple years and the publication of relevant case documents, Bartholomew’s actual in Court testimony has been reduced, he simply does not like to be questioned on his professional ability.

Previously compiled document which contains many emails, complaints, and other relevant matter.

2011 Doug Bartholomew Handbook Chapter 1

The Civil high conflict dissolution cases are the real gravy train for DB but he does mix it up with some serious criminals one notable Bartholomew client made his way to become the poster abuser for sentencing reform.

Gary Ruffcorn at the Washington Attorney General Website

2007 Kanouse Ruffcorn Tort

Gary Ruffcorn Part A

Gary Ruffcorn Part B

Doug Bartholomew to David Martin Gary Ruffcorn This speaks volumes, the total disregard for his role, DB should be ashamed of himself.

Department of Health Complaint history through the beginning of 2010. This is every complaint and every investigation on file at the DOH for Bartholomew, except for a couple that were still being investigated into 2010. Active Investigations are not subject to disclosure under the PRA. At some point I will update this when records become available.







2009 Bartholomew Investigation PRR Part 1

2009 Bartholomew Investigation PRR Part 2

2009 Bartholomew Investigation PRR Part 3

2009 Bartholomew Investigation PRR Part 4

This one is the COMPLETE history of a DOH complaint, including everything from start to finish, this complaint took the DOH a year to complete and in the end Bartholomew was not sanctioned

BARTHOLOMEW, DOUG 2009-137532LH_tif-r_pdf-r

8-31-10 DOH Bartholomew Findings

Bartholomew Responds to complaints-

01-12-11 Bartholomew Response to DVPO Complaint

01-14-11 Susan Alexander Letter to DSHS

01-31-11 Bartholomew to DSHS Email Documenting Clock hours

02-08-11 DSHS to Alexander Bartholomew Letter

2-08-11 DSHS Maureen Kelly Bartholomew Investigation Findings

2-08-11 DSHS Maureen Kelly Response

4-27-11 DSHS Bartholomew Complaint Findings

12-09-10 DSHS MK Response to Clarification request

12-15-10 Bartholomew Response to Complaint

Bartholomew resume and professional license applications.

2007 Bartholomew Resume

Doug Bartholomew Resume

4135_001[1] DOH License Applications

4136_001[1] DOH License Applications

4137_001[1] DOH License Applications

4149_001[1] DOH License History

2010 Bartholomew Certification Recommendation letters Recommendation Letters written by Leslie Savina, Dale Todd, Jay Williamson, and Tracee Parker. Remember any friend of Doug’s will likely not be friendly to you.

2010 Bartholomew DSHS Cert Application Letter part2

2010 Bartholomew DSHS Cert Application Letter

4-21-10 DSHS PDR Part A

4-21-10 DSHS PDR Part B

4-21-10 DSHS PDR Special Mention 1

4-21-10 DSHS PDR Special Mention 2

9-07-10 Bartholomew Applications[1] This Document contains most all of his DSHS DVPT Certification Applications, interesting comparison year by year as his previous work hours grows, and his denial of involvement in any civil DV matters, what about the Protection Order his ex wife was granted?

12-26-12 DOR Business License DBAA. Inc Master Business License or UBI

12-26-12 SOS Corporation License DBAA. Inc DBAA, Inc. Corporation Information

Bartholomew Divorce Documents from KCSC cause 96-3-00935-4 SEA these are somewhat dated but it provides more of a long term pattern of this man.

2-01-96 Doug Bartholomew Declaration

2-15-96 Judith Bartholomew Declaration

Bartholomew article from a Oregon DVPT Providers Website


Doug Bartholomew and/or Doug Bartholomew and Associates, Inc.(DBAA) contracts for services. These are a couple years old now so he may have revised them, give him a call for a updated copy (425) 688-0188 or (425) 830-0188. These are some of the most offensive contracts for health care possible, well almost Wellspring is pretty bad as well.

8-2009 db Admission

9-2008 DB Contract Part A

9-2008 DB Contract Part B

9-2008 DB Contract Part C

Bartholomew – Evaluation contract[1]

Bartholomew – Evaluation list of acts of abuse[1]

Bartholomew Home Ownership- It appears to have ended this year, as many American are facing a struggle to hold on to their homes myself included I will not comment except to say based on other financials this loss may be more of a financial decision because of negative equity than that of financial inability to repay, just my .02.

1-09-09 Notice of Trustee Sale Ingraham Road

1-03-11 Notice of Trustee Sale Ingraham Road

7-24-12 Trustee Deed Ingraham Road

12-26-12 SnoCo Ingraham Road Property Detail

Bartholomew interaction with others-

bartholomew letter to Federal Way[1] Think Doug only rubs you the wrong way?

4-06-10 Batholomew email – DB saying please don’t believe everything you read

4-07-10 Batholomew Pooley email – DB Pal King County Probation Officer (CCO) Annette Pooley, nice to have Court employee’s proofread your emails before you send them out

4-07-10 Batholomew Pooley O’shersky email Pooley talking about another DB Pal Jim O’Shersky also a King County Probation Officer aka Community Correction Officer (CCO)


  1. Jane says:

    Doug Bartholomew is as unprofessional and slimy as they come. the Superior Court Judges Association should be ashamed to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Doug Bartholomew. This ‘man’, and i use that term VERY loosely, has done more to damage fathers and children that any other in WA since 1980. A lower life form has not yet been discovered.

    • Jack says:

      Doug is a very violent individual. He lost his temper on the phone with me and blamed me for being reported, even though it was someone else that reported him. He is insane. He said in a DV evaluation of me, that I was not violent but based on a forward he read in a book, he thought I might become violent in the future.

  2. All men in Washington State who are falsely accused of domestic violence, in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage in a child custody fight, owe a debt of gratitude to Chris Hupy for his tireless efforts to take down Doug Bartholomew, who used to be considered one of the top DV evaluators in Washington State and now has had his ticket punched. Thanks are also due to Judge Michael Fox for denouncing Bartholomew in open court and on the record.

  3. M. Varn Chandola says:

    Doug Bartholomew is not the only unethical professional in the child custody field. I was a victim of false accusations of child molestation and domestic violence in my child custody case. While the parenting evaluator found the allegations to be false, she recommended very little time for me with my daughter and provided a great recommendation for my former spouse. During the parenting evaluation, she ignored the results of her own psychological testing and evidence that my former spouse and her mother had manipulated witnesses into lying to her during the parenting evaluation. Other professional psychologists provided evidence of the serious flaws with her parenting evaluation. So what can be done about other such unethical parenting evaluators? Bartholomew may be gone, but will the system full of other Bartholomews really change?

  4. […] The complete Doug Bartholomew history can be found here Doug Bartholomew Complete Unabridged History. […]

  5. Anon says:

    Years ago I was trying to find a possible witness for court and several people pointed me to Doug as a knowledgeable expert.
    The PHD level GAL Zanny Milo said he was nice instead of 1000% anti-male and anti-father. Very broken.
    Someone in my then attorney’s office waives everyone away
    from Doug because they had seen times he was making people
    re-take ‘DV classes’.
    Unfortunately a very insightful set of links (some not child friendly): All those cases the mom was falsely accusing. Ideological Subversion: KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov “Deception Was My Job” Note women just as bad and supposed psch pro were wrong on that point.

  6. Anon says:

    No competent science at all the Duluth works for anyone ever.
    Donald Dutton’s Rethinking is quite damning of most of that space, always use airquote for psych professional… lots of them science free. is good. She often apologizes for her profession and how it has gotten far off into the feminist men bad/ women good lies. DOJ LOWYER caught lying

  7. Anon says:

    I assume I’m one of many who hired multiple lawyers who maybe
    didn’t know that not a damn thing the feminists taught them was accurate. Mostly fabricated.

  8. Chris says:

    As men (or women) start the divorce/custody legal process who are facing false allegation believe that the truth will come out, problem is that the truth is the entire system is looking for perpetrators real or otherwise, generally speaking by the time reality sets in it is too late, kids are taken, house taken, money taken and all that is left is a false label of perpetrator issued by some Doug Bartholomew like social worker and a incompetent Black Robe wearing gender feminist.

  9. Anon says:

    As the world turns, Kirkland, WA has never met a man who’s not guilty. I’ve spent years encouraging men not to be married there…as they give not one damn about husbands especially.
    Since having my own blown up from some point my now talked to a slimy attorney or advocate and spends every minute lying from that point on.
    Dug a lot further, consistent BIAS… Lots of framing going on.
    Erin Pizzey has been speaking out against the lies at the core Feminism for 40+ yrs now. I met her at a conference.
    Since my first attorney had not a single that everything out of the [ideology/Hate Group] Feminist Law School. For 40+ yrs Erin has been saying more than half the 100 first women who came her (the first) shelter for women were violent themselves and needing to work through that. The women who ran her out of the shelter movement so they could keep the funding for their far far far leftist anti-male anti-father Hate group cult thing.
    Down in CA ncfm’s Marc Angeluci won a class action against Sacramento for not offering any services for male DV victims.
    The lead plaintiff was David Woods…a disable former marine
    who’s wife would get very violent towards sometimes. Each
    time their kids would have to tell the police separately that it was their mother being violent… she was threatening stabbing him at times. She was bipolar and on meds for that and acknowledged she was being violent after and they needed counseling to work through some things. That win was upheld at the appellate court level so applies to much of CA now.
    Heard more recently that the former VAWA mafia who have always told anti-father of all that are going to have a men’s issues meeting led by male DV victims in LA… LA has ~10M people…and previously nothing but Feminist lies for men there.

  10. Anon says:

    Part of the argument in that appellate case is that it makes the point that men pay more than half the taxes there and all the funding wasn’t going to any of them ever.

  11. Anon says: The man who founded the only shelter for men after finding nothing available after his wife was violent to him repeatedly… He gave up after about 20yrs trying to get through to the Canadian Govt and committed suicide last month.

  12. Anon says:

    In the cross examination with a black judge as one of the judges they argued not providing that assistance would be as bad as not let black get some govt. service / [emergency room access] maybe.

  13. Anon says:

    In Kirkland I literally tried to talk to a prosecutor about my wife’s violence… and he just walked away.

  14. Anon says:

    Donald Dutton, Phd gave training I attended.

    Keeping digging and you find they are taught that men always deny their violence. Dutton calls that argument the equivalent of a witch hunt.[where everyone tried is a witch].. There is no way you can get back to reality after accepting that. But there is no path the man can be correct.
    It’s a complete corruption of the process. If you let hate group anti-male anti-father men bad women angels training happen across the entire country – because Joe Biden among the bigger idiots on the planet to push VAWA through so the feminist hate movement can get funding… All BIAS from that moment on.

  15. Anon says:

    Fast forward to:
    Girlwriteswhat say her friend was proud she didn’t use a false allegation during her divorce like [corrupt] court officials had suggested.
    A woman speaker at on father’s group said she had to go through 7 lawyers before finding one who wouldn’t insist on false allegations to take on her divorce case.
    I posted that on in their ask a lawyer a question spot and Said can you RICO Act the bar. That question was removed without any attorney answers.

  16. Anon says:

    It’s not a good sign you have to Hire David Boies and Donald Dutton at great expense to win over the firmly entrenched Men Bad system.

  17. Anon says:

    If the prosecutor, attorney and Judges and never met a man who isn’t guilt they should prosecute themselves and find themselves guilty first…and go directly to jail without benefit of any sort available. Their year in the barrel as the joke goes.

  18. Anon says:
    No competent science or research Duluth Model works for anyone ever either…another massive lie.

  19. Anon says:

    Harvard study on having mandatory arrest policies show they
    increase deaths in those areas that implement them.
    Find Richard Davis (retired police) et al for those links for that. If I recall correctly, about 50% increase.

  20. Anon says:

    Next Step For Doug???
    Marsha Kleinman Loses Appeal of Psychological License Revocation
    December 13th, 2012 by Robert Franklin, Esq.
    “Ding, Dong…!”al-of-psychological-license-revocation/
    “Ding, Dong…!”

    The New Jersey State Board of Psychological Examiners has upheld the revocation of Marsha Kleinman’s license to practice psychology in the state. Earlier, an administrative law judge had ordered Kleinman’s license revoked and this is the result of her appeal. In addition to the revocation, the Board ordered Kleinman to pay $242,000 to the state in attorneys fees plus a $60,000 in fines. I first wrote about Kleinman’s license revocation here.

    Kleinman has long been known in New Jersey as a mental health professional who was dead set on finding men to be sexual abusers. That led her, in one of the cases before the ALJ and the Board, to browbeat a three-year-old girl for almost two years in the hopes of producing an allegation of sexual abuse against her father. Amazingly, the little girl stood up to Kleinman’s intimidation, sometimes by saying “no” to her leading questions and sometimes by falling silent and refusing to take part in Kleinman’s efforts to destroy her father. In another case, a woman came to Kleinman to get a certificate of Battered Woman Syndrome. Kleinman ignored that completely, despite the fact that it was what she was being paid for. Instead, she repeatedly tried to get the woman to perjure herself before the court by claiming sexual abuse on the part of her husband. The woman refused and reported Kleinman to the Board.

    Like the judge’s findings, the Board’s ruling is replete with the most damning descriptions of Kleinman and her behavior. The terms “gross malpractice,” “gross misconduct,”repeated acts of misconduct,” and the like appear time and again throughout the 57-page Decision and Order. According to the Board, Kleinman’s conduct “fell far below the degree of care, knowledge, and skill ordinarily possessed and exercised in similar situations by the average psychologist.” Her questioning of the three-year-old was “coercive” and “was inherently wrong, was unprofessional, and tainted any possible investigation of sexual abuse against [the father].”
    [much more]

  21. Anon says:

    Should have said Doug et al there.

  22. Anon says:
    2700 pages of research:
    Unsurprisingly, the type of relationship a couple is in matters. Married people are the least likely to engage in domestic violence while separated women are at greatest risk of victimization.

    Of course the researchers looked at demographic factors for possible DV association. Care to guess which demographic characteristic wasn’t even mentioned as a risk factor for DV perpetration? That’s right, the researchers nowhere mentioned sex as playing any role whatsoever in either perpetration or victimization. For the umpteenth time, domestic violence is not a matter of sex, it’s a matter of behavior.

  23. Anon says:
    December 13th, 2012 by Robert Franklin, Esq.
    “Ding, Dong…!”

    The New Jersey State Board of Psychological Examiners has upheld the revocation of Marsha Kleinman’s license to practice psychology in the state. Earlier, an administrative law judge had ordered Kleinman’s license revoked and this is the result of her appeal. In addition to the revocation, the Board ordered Kleinman to pay $242,000 to the state in attorneys fees plus a $60,000 in fines. I first wrote about Kleinman’s license revocation here.

    Kleinman has long been known in New Jersey as a mental health professional who was dead set on finding men to be sexual abusers. That led her, in one of the cases before the ALJ and the Board, to browbeat a three-year-old girl for almost two years in the hopes of producing an allegation of sexual abuse against her father. Amazingly, the little girl stood up to Kleinman’s intimidation, sometimes by saying “no” to her leading questions and sometimes by falling silent and refusing to take part in Kleinman’s efforts to destroy her father. In another case, a woman came to Kleinman to get a certificate of Battered Woman Syndrome. Kleinman ignored that completely, despite the fact that it was what she was being paid for. Instead, she repeatedly tried to get the woman to perjure herself before the court by claiming sexual abuse on the part of her husband. The woman refused and reported Kleinman to the Board.

    Like the judge’s findings, the Board’s ruling is replete with the most damning descriptions of Kleinman and her behavior. The terms “gross malpractice,” “gross misconduct,”repeated acts of misconduct,” and the like appear time and again throughout the 57-page Decision and Order. According to the Board, Kleinman’s conduct “fell far below the degree of care, knowledge, and skill ordinarily possessed and exercised in similar situations by the average psychologist.” Her questioning of the three-year-old was “coercive” and “was inherently wrong, was unprofessional, and tainted any possible investigation of sexual abuse against [the father].”

    Kleinman also lied repeatedly to the family court, to the father, the child and to the ALJ. She and the mother were plainly working in concert to get the little girl to accuse her father, which she never did. At one point, the mother is seen on one of Kleinman’s videotapes appearing in her office to inquire if the child had “gotten it right.”

    Whether true or not, Kleinman told the Board that her psychology practice has dwindled to nothing. I find that credible given the cloud her revocation hearings have placed over her. My guess is that she got most of her business from judges who became hesitant to refer her cases because of the allegations against her.

    Amazingly, the Board remarked that Kleinman still doesn’t get it. She admitted to some record-keeping infractions, but the idea that it’s not appropriate to violate multiple laws and rules of ethics for the sole purpose of separating children from their fathers seems not to have sunk in.

    That’s partly why the Board imposed such draconian conditions on Kleinman’s ever attempting to regain her license. Those include not only paying the fines and attorneys fees mentioned above. The Board also requires Kleinman to herself undergo weekly psychotherapy for no less than a year and to demonstrate an understanding of the many wrongs she committed prior to reapplying. She also has to complete three separate courses designed to correct the deficiencies she’s demonstrated for so many years.

    Even after doing all that, the Board will decide whether Kleinman may (a) ever again provide psychological services to anyone under the age of 18, (b) ever again provide any forensic services or (c) ever again provide any psychological services regarding sexual abuse.

    With any luck, the men and fathers of the State of New Jersey are finally free of one of the most biased, misandric individuals at work in the state’s family courts. For years, Kleinman has worked to separate fathers from their children and children from their fathers, an effort she allowed neither law nor ethical requirements to obstruct. No one mourns her departure

  24. Anon says:

    Furthermore, these studies did not account for the fact that mandatory arrest might discourage victims from seeking police assistance in the event of future abuse. That possibility was examined by Harvard economist Radha Iyengar, who analyzed the impact of the passage of mandatory arrest laws in 15 states. Her surprising conclusion: “Intimate partner homicides increased by about 60% in states with mandatory arrest laws.” 57
    The evidence consistently shows mandatory arrest policies cause more harm than good. Furthermore, if a state has mandatory arrest, the likelihood of subsequent conviction drops by more than half.58 Lawrence Sherman, director of the Milwaukee study, has termed mandatory arrest policies a “failure”59 and recommended that such policies be repealed. 60

  25. Thank you judges. This is a step in the right direction and restores some hope. Collaborative processes outside of court better serve all individuals; however, family court processes need to be reformed for all parties for those cases that end up there. The adversarial process should not apply to family court. Children lose. Parents lose. Too often family court has become a circus where there is next to no concern for the welfare of children. Rather, it has become a sociological arena where it is less about law and more about redressing historical wrongs upon the backs of individuals. Systemic abuse is rampant. It is not set up to address current realities of family dynamics. There are widespread assumptions that only women are the victims of domestic violence and the same standards do not apply to women and men equally. The sociological pendulum has swung far in excess of addressing inequity faced by women and children who have truly experienced domestic violence and are in in need of protection by the courts and support and understanding. An initial protection order often exerts a domino effect, and is widely utilized as a divorce weapon. Children are often deprived of both parents by poorly equipped courts who rely upon court appointed special advocates with their own political agendas and little training. Better parenting assessments by well trained mental health specialists with training in child development and knowledgeable and unbiased evaluators are desperately needed. If a case goes to court, thorough evaluations need to be conducted of both parents; not just the first one accused. Too often, men are embarrassed and afraid of vindication from their female partners and there is very little understanding in the courts or by professionals relied upon during an incredibly painful life event that will affect all parties for the rest of their lives. It’s past time to change. Thank you for this start.

  26. Anon says:
    “Well the law as I saw it at that time was broken. As I see it today it is still broken
    the justice system is broken It is still broken. It offers nothing but a promise.
    An empty promise of Liberty and Justice for all. It is not there.
    People can’t get justice in this country.
    People believe they can get justice until they need it.
    Then they can’t get it.
    I have been involved in trial of cases
    Against governments defending people.
    Little people. And even occasionally big people.
    And I have never. Hear me I have never once been in a single
    case over a period of 60 years in the courtrooms of this country
    that the government hasn’t violated the law or misused its power.
    Never one case. Not one. And they brag about a 98% conviction rate.
    You can imagine why. They have this huge power. They use it against little people.”

  27. Robert J. Paige says:

    My personal encounter with Doug Bartholomew was based on an assessment that was established on two one hour sessions on July 7, 1999 and July 14, 1999. It should be noted that the first session on July 7, 1999, was a counseling session, not an assessment. It was my understanding that the July 14, 1999 session would be the first of two contracted interview days that he requires as part of his assessment process. It was also on July 14, 1999 that I turned in, signed, and dated his contract with him. As noted in my case, there were also incorrect use of pronouns, incomplete sentences, many statements and quotes attributed to me that were not supported by the clinical record as proven by the mutual recordings that we both made during that meeting, several misquotes, dismissed and/or not researched documents and witnesses that contradicted his assessment of me, along with several violations of my civil rights.

    Then on August 12, 1999, the day I thought I was supposed to have a meeting with Doug Bartholomew and to go over and discuss his evaluation of me, he hurriedly gave me a written copy of his evaluation, had me sign that I received it, and told me that he had no time to discuss or go over it with me. His hurried response seemed to be due to the fact that on that same day, I had received a letter from my daughter’s pediatrician verifying that I never molested my daughter, as was being charged by my than wife of 17 years, along with 15 other allegations that I had already collected evidentiary documents that disproved and had previously presented to him. When I told him of this he became very agitated and refused to talk with me. After reading his assessment of me after I left his office, it is understandable why he reacted this way. Throughout the month of September, 1999, I tried to make an appointment with him to go over his assessment and to discuss another assessment of me done by another DV counselor named John R. Plummer, MSW, of the Family Services Domestic Violence Treatment Program, where he found on 9/2/99 that I did not meet the profile of a D.V. person. His response on the phone to me was that Mr. Plummer’s criteria was different than his and that we were unable to come to a mutual meeting time because I was unavailable during the morning hours because of my work schedule as a public school teacher, and he could not meet me after 4:00 p.m. per my request because, as he stated to me over the phone, he doesn’t work after 4:00 p.m. (interesting note: during the following 7 months when I was counseling with his associate, David Vandegrift, MSW, there were many evenings when I observed Doug Bartholomew working well past 7:00 p.m.

    It should be noted that his evaluation was used in the no-contact and subsequent divorce hearing that was filed by my ex-wife in the King County Superior Court, and used as evidence to disallow me from seeing my then 13 year old daughter. And even though in subsequent months I was able to provide several additional documents which contradicted much of what Doug Bartholomew had stated in his assessment including another assessment done by John R. Plummer, MSW, of the Washington State Family Services Domestic Violence Treatment Program, where he asserts that I do not meet the criteria of a D.V. profile. I still, to date have not seen my daughter who is now 28 years old due to these lies professed my ex-wife, reported on by Doug Bartholomew, and believed by my daughter. It should also be noted that during the assessment meeting with Mr. Plummer, he made the comment to me that several counselors and psychologists on the east side (Bellevue area) do not agree with Doug Bartholomew’s assessments and/or methods.

    And even though I did file a complaint with the Health Services department in Olympia, WA to David A. Mascher, the than Administrative Assistant, nothing ever came of it because I was unable to afford the immense legal costs that would have been required to do so.

  28. Anon says:
    Wintory, who was Arizona Prosecutor of the Year in 2007, is now chief deputy to Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles.

  29. Robert J. Paige says:

    Jake Morphonios 08/18/2008 Published Article “The Nuclear Option: False Child Sexual Abuse Allegations in Custody Disputes” (a civil rights advocate and North Carolina State Coordinator for Fathers 4 Justice – US.)

    In his article he notes “The father is not the only victim in a false child sex abuse allegation. Children are also victimized. Not only does the child have to submit to numerous interrogations and invasive tests to determine if abuse occurred, but needless therapy is often prescribed. The child, knowing at first that nothing happened, is subjected to counseling that reinforces the story that abuse has occurred. In time, many children grow to believe and accept that their fathers molested them.”

    And despite the Washington State Department of Health findings that Doug Bartholomew’s Assessments were found to be consistently unprofessional, biased, incompetent, neglectful, and extremely poorly written resulting in him being banned for two years from being allowed to write anymore D.V. Assessments and being fined $65,000.00, you will note on his website that he is still unwilling to accept this judgment as well as his responsibility in these findings along with all the damage that he has caused between the once loving relationships of the father’s that he has falsely reported as being D.V. and their children.

    At his website ( left click on ‘controversy disclaimer’), he specifically states, “In spite of dozens of complaints, many investigations, chart reviews, and scores of internet postings the only thing anyone could find was too many typographical errors in one evaluation in the last thirty eight years. There was one piece of paper out of place in one chart, but it was determined to have not caused any harm and no actions were taken. Other than that all of their allegations are either half truths, taken out of context, irrelevant or just plain lies. All things considered, that’s a pretty good record for thirty eight years!”

    As to just how his incompetent actions towards myself, along with another false letter of testimony filed by a Myrna Pinedo, Ph.D, affected the once loving relationship between my daughter and myself, please view the following video at

  30. Anon says:

    Sorry Robert. Watched that.

    – Anon

  31. Toa Reap says:

    Please call and meet Doug for yourself – the anti male bias claims are not accurate –

    I could spend an hour writing a glowing report of how incredibly thankful my wife and I are for Mr. Bartholomew’s support and insight during and through our separation and ultimately our reconciliation. His honest, open, direct and creative input and insight helped us tremendously by untangling so many emotional knots we had developed over the years. I had a tragic childhood and carried a great deal of trauma damage that was impacting our marriage and increasing in severity over time. My wife and kids had moved out, I was unemployed and living between my Mother’s and a motel (I’m over 40) – it was the perfect storm and could have easily destroyed us. Yet instead, God led us to Doug and Doug helped us put everything back together!

    I cannot thank him enough. So please, find out for yourself.

  32. Victim of Doug B says:

    My experience with Doug was unprofessional to say the least. He took my money, screamed at me, called me names, and acted in a way I could not believe. Please stay clear away from this guy for your own good. Once he puts something in writing you are stuck with it forever, regardless of whether there is any truth to it. Do not even do an intake with this guy, it can end up haunting you forever.

  33. As many of you who have commented on this thread know. Our Family Court legal system is flawed. For far to long fathers have been victimized by people like Doug Bartholomew. My fight continues after 6 long years and I’m in need of help to bring justice to my case and through it I hope to bring radical changes to this unjust system which is harming our children. Please read my story and if you could kindly contribute even $1 to help bring justice for me and my daughter I would greatly appreciate it!