The Battle of the Name

On December 20th, 2012 the following notice was delivered to many Judges in Washington State.


Judges and Justices,

This letter shall serve as a formal notice and the only informal official notice you will receive concerning this matter.
For some time now there has been a group who has been calling themselves the Superior Court Judges Association functioning in Washington State in excess of their function and usurping their authority, this illegal behavior has been suborned by some of the highest Judicial Officers in this state, Chief Justice Barbara Madsen, KCSC Judge Laura Inveen, KCSC Judge Deb Fleck KCSC Chief Judge Richard McDermott, Justice Mary Fairhurst, Justice Susan Owens, most all sitting Court of Appeals Judges, and all sitting Superior Court Judges. Many of these Judges have engaged in a concerted effort to extort monies from all 39 Counties in the state all under the color of law, claiming these fees/dues were somehow legitimate.
The law setting forth the association of Superior Court Judges in this state was enacted in 1933 (see attachment) it allowed the Judges to associate and provided for a specific name “THE ASSOCIATION OF THE SUPERIOR COURT JUDGES OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON” .  
As I have elected to exercise my right to engage in commerce and having selected a legal name I am henceforth stating at no point today or the future will I allow the use of my business name by any third party(s), all entities who are using this name or any name registered to me shall cease and desist any and all use upon receipt of this notice.
As the list of potential litigants and witnesses includes all sitting Superior Court Judges, most Court of Appeals Judges from all Divisions, most if not all Supreme Court Justices, and the highest ranking Judicial Officer in the State Chief Justice Barbara Madsen it is safe to say the actions of this group who is illegally using and interfering with my rights has conflicted the entire Washington State Judiciary.
Following this formal notice I will be informing the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission of the possible illegal past behavior by this group, the following Washington State agencies DOL, DOR, SOS will be notified. Response will be swift and positive to any attempt of continued use or any State officer using their position to influence any other agency or officer to their personal benefit (influence pedaling or abuse of office for personal gain). A long and protracted trip to a building located on Stewart Street downtown Seattle and interrogatories, admissions, subpoena’s for production of likely 1000’s of pages of documents, depositions discovery of 300-500 or so Judicial officers, AOC staff, BJA members, CJC members, WBAR directors, Lobbyists, legislators, and not to leave out a woman named Barbara Jo Erricson.
Please take heed of this notice, to ignore it will be at your own professional peril from this point forward.
Happy holidays.
With all respect due,

Christopher J. Hupy, Principal

Superior Court Judges Association
PO Box 12655
Everett, Washington 98206
I will update this once their official response comes.

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