Michael La Rosa Murders Another Case of King County Judicial Failure

Shortly after arriving in Seattle Michael La Rosa got into trouble with the law, a Domestic Violence case, his girlfriend whom he met online, was the reason he had relocated to Seattle from Florida. From the very first interaction with Law Enforcement and the Judiciary the warning signs were blindingly clear, but he was simply passed through the system as just another person needing mental health care.

2-02-09 Seattle Muli MLR case 532087 Charges

2-02-09 Seattle Muli MLR case 532087 docket hearings

2-02-09 Seattle Muli MLR case 532087 docket

10-31-08 Seattle Muni MLR Case 529259 Charges

10-31-08 Seattle Muni MLR Case 529259 docket hearings

10-31-08 Seattle Muni MLR Case 529259 docket


Here are the Seattle Police Departments Incident Reports concerning La Rosa, these leave little doubt that La Rosa needed help.

Hupy PDR item _2[1]

Hupy PDR item _3[1]


In October 2010 he was sent to Wellspring Family Services ordered to attend and complete the DSHS Certified Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment program offered. Gary Sarozek LMHC conducted a required Clinical Intake as required by WAC 388-60-0165. Sarozek was under the supervision of Wellspring DVPT director Mark Adams LMHC at the time.

2-09-10 Wellsprings Confidentiality Wavier

Gary Sarozek was previously sanctioned by the Washington DOH for misconduct-




As part of a Petition for Protection via a Domestic Violence Protection Order the following note was included in support of the petition

*I will offer caution in reading this as it is very graphic and disturbing*

2-10-10 Exhibit Attachment for Petition DVPO

On February 24th, 2010 KCSC Commissioner Megan Sassaman signed and entered a order in cause number 10-2-00459-9 SEA.

2-24-10 DVPO LaRosa Meg Sassaman

Commissioner Sassaman on her own volition made some medical determinations for the clearly troubled La Rosa (who did not appear at this hearing) Ssassaman diagnosed La Rosa with some type of disorder which would benefit from DVPT Counseling she deemed the program at Wellspring was his only choice, Sassaman has a long history with WS and thought a Social Worker qualified professional would be appropriate for a AXIS I suffering litigant would be the best, she further diagnosed La Rosa would benefit from “remaining on all prescribed medications” taking his “medications.

The record now indicates Wellspring FS provided treatment to La Rosa from October 2010 until Mach of 2011 when he was discharged for “threats to harm others”, not clear if La Rosa or the demons who told him to commit these bad acts were responsible.

Moving forward to November 2011 and La Rosa was in front of a grocery store on capital hill area of Seattle when he pulled out a camp hatchet and struck Joseph LaMagna in the head approximately 10 times killing him almost instantly. A group of small school children witnessed this attack. Seattle Police Department was on scene within minutes finding La Rosa nearby and confused stating LaMagna had given his sister a STD.

SPD arrested him and also began to investigate him for another Hatchet killing from the night before, Dale Holmes, he was charged with both murders.

Charging Document

La Rosa was moved into DSHS Western State Hospital when it became clear to the staff at King County Jail he was a danger to himself and/or others. Michael was diagnosed in youth as suffering from at least one DSM IV AXIS I disorder, Schizophrenia.

Back to King County Superior Court case 10-1-10060-8 SEA it has been dragging through the court between KCSC Judges Theresa Doyle and Judge Ronald Kessler acquiescence to the repeated motions by King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s Deputies to make a finding of competency, when in the face of each and every PhD level professional diagnosing AXIS I disorders.

02-02-11 Findings of Fact La Rosa Competency

02-02-11 Michael La Rosa Psych Evaluation


December 2012 Judge Ronald Kessler signs a Motion for Acquittal, included in the Exhibits in support of Acquittal is a full and complete picture of the past and present mental health state painting a clear picture of the misconduct of Sassaman, Sarozek, and Adams to name only three.

12-13-12 Clerks Minutes

12-13-12 Exhibits to Motion for Acquittal

12-13-12 Motion for Acquittal

12-13-12 Notice Ineligibility to Possess Firearms

12-13-12 Signed Order Motion for Acquittal

12-14-12 Clerks Minutes

12-14-12 Right to Appeal


What the system, King County Superior Court, Department of Corrections, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg knew about Dangerous Mentally Ill Offenders

DMIO -WorkgroupFinalReport


Here is a King County Television Story about Mental Health Court


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