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  1. cj mateljak says:

    My former son in law on 6-16-2013 stripped my 6 yr old granddaughter and beat her with a belt. It wasnt the first was the first time police listened .unfortunately to protect my granddaughter he pled to nothing. He was put in Friendly Diversion. He was assessed and we were told he was not amenable to treatment and dangerous. He said they said nothing was wrong with him. Today even after Commisoner lack refused to force my daughter to give her location. His lawyer said hes filing a motion to sanction her if she does not tell her location. There is a criminal protection order and one from family court however they do not care. Please someone tell me where I could find good info on domestic violence. There is a second child that can not speak and is disabled from brain cancer. No charges filed because he cant talk. He was beat with belt and bio fathers girlfriend slapped him across face when she got angry. My granddaughter told police what was happening to her brother but an appeal was filed under child hearsay and won.
    we desperately need changes in domestic violence lawsi just do not know where to start.

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