AOC Lobbying

Disclosures made by the AOC to the PDC concerning their lobbying efforts-

1-25-07 AOC L5

1-26-11 AOC L5

1-29-08 AOC L5

1-29-10 AOC L5

1-30-09 AOC L5

1-31-06 AOC L5

1-31-12 AOC L5

4-19-07 AOC L5

4-25-11 AOC L5

4-27-06 AOC L5

4-28-08 AOC L5

4-29-09 AOC L5

4-30-10 AOC L5

7-25-08 AOC L5

7-27-10 AOC L5

7-29-07 AOC L5

10-13-06 AOC L5

10-13-09 AOC L5

10-25-11 AOC L5

10-28-10 AOC L5

10-30-08 AOC L5

7-26-11 AOC L5


Notice the term “private funds” is disclosed, what is this private funds? it is a secret bank account controlled by the BJA members without any of their names on the account however.

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