The Association of the Superior Court Judges of the State of Washington History

Legislative History of the Association of Superior Court Judges-

1933 Legislative Session Chapter 58 SCJA Created

1951 Legislative Session RCW

1955 Legislative Session Chapter 38

1957 Legislative Session Chapter 259 Creation of AOC

1973 Legislative Session Chapter 106

1981 Legislative Sessions Chapter 331

1987 Legislatiive Session Chapter 202 SS 102

1996 Legislative Session Chapter 82

2005 Legislative Session Chapter 182

2005 Legislative Session Chapter 282

All of these sessions are mentioned in Washington RCW Title 2.16 which is the Code Reviser publication.

There are a few mentions of some earlier Legislative Sessions in 2.16 as well-

1889-1890 Legislative Session Pg 344 Section 13. Rules

1925 Legislative Session Chapter 118


The Association was authorized in a very limited manner, unlike the District and Municipal Court Judges Association, providing for the relief from the overcrowded court conditions of 1933 and a mechanism for meetings to conduct the Constitutionally mandated Uniform Court Rules. Each Judge is sworn a oath to the Constitution prior to taking office and upon each re-election to office, these are maintained by the Washington Secretary of State.


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