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Judicial Accountability comes to Snohomish County Superior Court UPDATED

A lawsuit filed today in Snohomish County Superior Court names Chief Presiding Judge Michael R. Downes, Judge Anita Farris, Superior Court Administrator Robert “Bob” Terwilliger, and Court Reporter Sheralyn Barton (who is also a Officer of the Court) as defendants. The Cause number is 14-2-06148-8 in SnoCo Superior Court.

The issue is one all too familiar- Diversion of Public Funds for a private cause.

9-11-14 Hupy v. SCSC 14-2-06148-8 Complaint

9-11-14 Hupy v. SCSC 14-2-06148-8 Summons

It is clear on this action the Judges have allowed by act and/or admission public funds to be diverted, and I am sure once discovery starts coming in a very long term pattern of theft will be demonstrated.

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