Public Records Act and The Association of the Superior Court Judges of the State of Washington

Early in 2012 a series of Public Record Requests were submitted to a group calling themselves the SCJA, so please don’t get confused I did not send these to myself. Their response goes from “A PDR what is this? We have never received a Public Disclosure Request” to “Yea we will have to look into that” to “Your request is onerous and we have been flooded with requests from other parties so you do not get anything”.

This group, who technically and legally does not exist, claimed Judicial Immunity from the Public Records Act, while I sought a administrative appeal no response was made by them.

A group who has charged $1000 fee to each county for every Judge and $500 for every Commissioner ($275,000 to $350,000 total each year), that maintains no business licenses, no address other than that of the AOC in Olympia, can produce no record of ever having purchased even basic office supplies, makes rules which affect the public, holds countless secret meetings (in violation of the Open Meetings Act), claims as a whole Judicial Immunity from the PRA even though Washington State Constitution does not provide for a Unified Judiciary, accepts public funds in the form of full time staffing provided by the AOC/Chief Justice Barbara Madsen, does not pay taxes or even report income to the IRS as required via a Form 990, and finally hires a $100,000 a year Lobbyist Tom Parker to lobby against the will of the people at the legislature.


2-12-12 Email PDR SCJA Number One

2-12-12 Email PDR SCJA Number Two

2-16-12 Email Response Judge Inveen PDR

2-16-12 Judge Inveen 5 day PDR Response

2-17-12 Email Response from Greg Howard

3-08-12 Email PDR SCJA Number Four

3-08-12 Email PDR SCJA Number Three

3-09-12 Email PDR SCJA Number Five

3-09-12 Limited Response to SCJA Letter

3-09-12 PRR SCJA Email

3-09-12 PRR SCJA Inveen Letter

3-20-12 PRR SCJA Email

3-20-12 PRR SCJA Inveen Letter

7-02-12 SCJA Matheson Letter


It appears that my path of redress has been cut off here, as it would be unlikely that my fate would be any different than Barbara Jo Fulton’s seeking relief in any Superior Court in this State.

Just another example of civil rights being denied by our out-of-control Judiciary.

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