Yakima County Prosecutor Offers $49k Bribe for the Office of County Clerk

Yakima County Officials have Offered Yakima County Clerk Janelle Riddle $49,068.36 in exchange for her elected office.   See the Full Document here- 6-14-15 The Document Names the following Yakima officials- Mike Leita – Yakima County Commissioner Kevin Bouchey – Yakima County Commissioner Joe Brusic – Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney Don Anderson – Deputy Chief […]

Yakima County Superior Court

In another post Harold Delia the so called “Court Consultant” for YCSC (Yakima County Superior Court) is discussed. I had a chance to have a telephone conversation with Delia concerning “Contract Worker” vs. W-2 Employee, I had many questions and he had little answers. A couple days later I get a letter from long time […]