Domestic Violence Related Studies and Research

When dealing with any DV related issue it is important to understand what baseline the DV Industry relies upon. DV Industry includes Judges, Lawyers, Advocates, Parenting Evaluators, DV Treatment Providers, GAL’s, Family Court Services, and to a certain degree Law Enforcement. At some point I will go through this list and add brief descriptions about […]

Missing Sky Metalwala Case

2-01-11 Metalwala Declaration 3-03-11 Full DVPO Metalwala Respondent 3-03-11 Temp Orders CS and Maintenance 6-04-10 DVPO Metalwala Petitioner 6-09-10 DVPO Metalwala Petitioner 6-30-10 DVPO Biryukova Petitioner 7-14-10 DVPO Response Biryukova 7-14-10 DVPO Response Metalwala 9-13-10 Declaration of Stan Biryukova 9-13-10 Nadia Biryukova Declaration 9-23-10 DVPO Strict Reply Julia Biryukova 9-27-10 DVPO Metalwala Respondent 11-23-11 Notice_of_Association[1] […]

Supreme Court General Rule GR31A and GR31.1

Over the last year or so the Supreme Court has been working on revisions to General Rule 31A and presently GR31.1, the latter the public comment phase is about to expire and likely will be a public meeting or two before the Justices rule on this. Both of the General Rules deal with how the […]

Hupy v. Jacqueline Jeske

On September 12th, 2011 Seattle Lawyer Karma Zaike brought forth a petition for a Civil Domestic Violence Protection Order on behalf of her client Saiyin Phasavath in cause number 04-3-00375-3 SEA, normal business at KCSC, almost. The problem on this petition is that her client Phasavath was facing a Domestic Violence Assault Charge for chocking […]

Who Picks the Judges

For the average citizen this question may never be asked, for those who have gone into a Courtroom it is like a neon light flashing in their face “Who the hell pick this person?” I will examine King County BAR Association here but most if not all local BAR Associations have similar committees so check […]

2006 Judges Domestic Violence Manual

This manual was created as a bench book or bench guide, in Family Law every Judge and Lawyer will rely on it. It was created by the Judges and DV Industry insiders for the use of every Judge who may rule on DV related or influenced cases The relationship between the Judges, the DV Industry […]

A Conversation about Violence

This is a email exchange between King County Prosecuting Attorney Senior Deputy David Martin and Domestic Violence Treatment Provider Doug Bartholomew.   From: Martin, David Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 10:51 PM To:   Doug Bartholomew Subject:    RE: Gary Ruffcorn Gary is the poster child for sentencing reform.  Unfortunately, I dealt with this son as well (also […]

Doug Bartholomew Complete Unabridged History – New Documents Added

Doug Bartholomew has been providing Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment services in the Seattle area for over 20 years. During most of that time he was the darling of the Courts, his assessments and evaluations while virtually devoid of any clinical legitimacy are typically over compensated for in volume, conjecture, hearsay, biased, and fantasy based conclusions. Bartholomew over the last […]

Statute, Rules and the Effect of Common Law

The main focus of this site is to offer a omnipresent view of our Judiciary, but there will be a great deal of information concerning the area of Family Law because it comprises such a large percentage of the average user of the Court. Family Law in Washington is governed by a combination of Statute, […]

What do Washingtonians think of their Courts?

Released in 2009 by Washington State University “Public Attitudes Regarding the Selection of Judges in Washington State” this is a great read document. I always appreciate others opinions of the Judiciary, mine has become fact based over the last few years but I still look for opposing views in hopes I am wrong. 1-2009 WSU Judicial […]

Michael La Rosa Murders Another Case of King County Judicial Failure

Shortly after arriving in Seattle Michael La Rosa got into trouble with the law, a Domestic Violence case, his girlfriend whom he met online, was the reason he had relocated to Seattle from Florida. From the very first interaction with Law Enforcement and the Judiciary the warning signs were blindingly clear, but he was simply passed through […]

KCSC Judge James Doerty Lawsuit

In our legal system there is a doctrine called the Appearance of Fairness, it is spelled out in statute several places and Judicial Cannons require it. but it is by implication included in every single one, it is fundamental in application. Case law on this can be found in the 1972 case of State v. […]

2012 Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment Recidivism Study

In late April 2012 Dr. Tom George who works for the Washington State AOC as a researcher completed a study on recidivism rates and Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment (DVPT). His study had a large pool to work from, he had seemingly unlimited access to the AOC JIS and/or SCOMIS databases and likely the WSP database […]

Washington State Constitution

Washington State Constitution in a handy PDF format, this is a must read for anyone going into a Courtroom, Objections based on statute/RCW are fine but the real winning arguments are those based on Constitutional Objections. Article I – Declaration of Rights and Article IV – The Judiciary   12-2010-WAStateConstitution

Public Records Act and The Association of the Superior Court Judges of the State of Washington

Early in 2012 a series of Public Record Requests were submitted to a group calling themselves the SCJA, so please don’t get confused I did not send these to myself. Their response goes from “A PDR what is this? We have never received a Public Disclosure Request” to “Yea we will have to look into […]

Acronyms and Links- Lots of Letters in the Judicial World

It can be confusing keeping track of all the acronyms used by the Judiciary so here is a list, I am sure this will be a ongoing updated post, so check back.   10.99 – RCW Criminal Domestic Violence 26.50 – RCW Title 26.50 Family Law Domestic Violence 191’s – RCW 26.09.191 Restrictions in Permanent Parenting Plans 388-60 – WAC […]

Board of Judicial Administration Meetings

The Washington Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) finances monthly BJA meetings, below are the supporting documents for the monthly meeting discussions, previous meeting minutes, and lists of who attended the meeting. Some of these are fairly large (200 pages or so) but there is good reading in them, banking, lobbying this background helps paint […]

Board of Judicial Administration – the BJA

The Board of Judicial Administration was created in 1987 to provide direction to the Administrative Office of the Courts. 2012 BJA Bylaws 2012 BJA Members 2012 BJA Rules Mission Statement BJA 2014 BJA Members   The BJA holds public (for now anyway) meetings once a month, they also hold “secret meetings” after the public one […]

Superior Court Judicial Lobbying

Here are some of the required forms as filed by “The Association of the Superior Court Judges of the State of Washington” on record with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) 2-14-08 PDC SCJA L3 2-17-12 PDC SCJA L3 2-22-10 PDC SCJA L3 2-23-11 PDC SCJA L3 2-25-99 PDC SCJA L3 2-26-03 PDC SCJA L3 2-26-04 […]

The Association of the Superior Court Judges of the State of Washington History

Legislative History of the Association of Superior Court Judges- 1933 Legislative Session Chapter 58 SCJA Created 1951 Legislative Session RCW 1955 Legislative Session Chapter 38 1957 Legislative Session Chapter 259 Creation of AOC 1973 Legislative Session Chapter 106 1981 Legislative Sessions Chapter 331 1987 Legislatiive Session Chapter 202 SS 102 1996 Legislative Session Chapter 82 […]

Barbara Jo Fulton and the US Department of Justice

In 2010 Judge Steve Warning of Cowlitz County began to suspect something was not adding up in the Check book maintained by the non entity “SCJA” at Key Bank, he suspected maybe $30,000 or so was missing. A Thurston County CPA firm was retained to examine this account and the initial amount of cash missing began to […]

Barbara Jo Fulton and Thurston County Superior Court

In 2011 the Superior Court Judges of this State brought a civil action against Fulton, 5-26-11 SCJA Complaint the Thurston County Chief Presiding Judge Carol Murphy assigned the case to herself 5-26-11 TCSC Notice of Assignment, even though she was one of the plaintiff’s (notice on this assignment the parties names have been left off the document), Judicial […]