Supreme Court General Rule GR31A and GR31.1

Over the last year or so the Supreme Court has been working on revisions to General Rule 31A and presently GR31.1, the latter the public comment phase is about to expire and likely will be a public meeting or two before the Justices rule on this. Both of the General Rules deal with how the […]

Board of Judicial Administration Meetings

The Washington Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) finances monthly BJA meetings, below are the supporting documents for the monthly meeting discussions, previous meeting minutes, and lists of who attended the meeting. Some of these are fairly large (200 pages or so) but there is good reading in them, banking, lobbying this background helps paint […]

Board of Judicial Administration – the BJA

The Board of Judicial Administration was created in 1987 to provide direction to the Administrative Office of the Courts. 2012 BJA Bylaws 2012 BJA Members 2012 BJA Rules Mission Statement BJA 2014 BJA Members   The BJA holds public (for now anyway) meetings once a month, they also hold “secret meetings” after the public one […]

Superior Court Judicial Lobbying

Here are some of the required forms as filed by “The Association of the Superior Court Judges of the State of Washington” on record with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) 2-14-08 PDC SCJA L3 2-17-12 PDC SCJA L3 2-22-10 PDC SCJA L3 2-23-11 PDC SCJA L3 2-25-99 PDC SCJA L3 2-26-03 PDC SCJA L3 2-26-04 […]

Welcome to the SCJA

The SCJA is short for Superior Court Judges Association a Washington State licensed business, we are in no way affiliated with or a agency of the State of Washington, we provide fee based and no fee based Judicial accountability consulting, but here all you will find is plenty of free citizen focused resources all designed […]