Just Released Public Records from the Attorney General

These documents were just released by the Washington State Attorney Generals Office. They paint a picture of just how corrupt the AG’s office with the diversion of public funds to aid and assist the “non existent” association of Superior Court Judges. The violation of the public trust perpetrated by this association, which unlawfully uses my […]

Public Records Act and The Association of the Superior Court Judges of the State of Washington

Early in 2012 a series of Public Record Requests were submitted to a group calling themselves the SCJA, so please don’t get confused I did not send these to myself. Their response goes from “A PDR what is this? We have never received a Public Disclosure Request” to “Yea we will have to look into […]

Superior Court Judicial Lobbying

Here are some of the required forms as filed by “The Association of the Superior Court Judges of the State of Washington” on record with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) 2-14-08 PDC SCJA L3 2-17-12 PDC SCJA L3 2-22-10 PDC SCJA L3 2-23-11 PDC SCJA L3 2-25-99 PDC SCJA L3 2-26-03 PDC SCJA L3 2-26-04 […]

The Association of the Superior Court Judges of the State of Washington History

Legislative History of the Association of Superior Court Judges- 1933 Legislative Session Chapter 58 SCJA Created 1951 Legislative Session RCW 1955 Legislative Session Chapter 38 1957 Legislative Session Chapter 259 Creation of AOC 1973 Legislative Session Chapter 106 1981 Legislative Sessions Chapter 331 1987 Legislatiive Session Chapter 202 SS 102 1996 Legislative Session Chapter 82 […]

Barbara Jo Fulton and the US Department of Justice

In 2010 Judge Steve Warning of Cowlitz County began to suspect something was not adding up in the Check book maintained by the non entity “SCJA” at Key Bank, he suspected maybe $30,000 or so was missing. A Thurston County CPA firm was retained to examine this account and the initial amount of cash missing began to […]

Barbara Jo Fulton and Thurston County Superior Court

In 2011 the Superior Court Judges of this State brought a civil action against Fulton, 5-26-11 SCJA Complaint the Thurston County Chief Presiding Judge Carol Murphy assigned the case to herself 5-26-11 TCSC Notice of Assignment, even though she was one of the plaintiff’s (notice on this assignment the parties names have been left off the document), Judicial […]

Welcome to the SCJA

The SCJA is short for Superior Court Judges Association a Washington State licensed business, we are in no way affiliated with or a agency of the State of Washington, we provide fee based and no fee based Judicial accountability consulting, but here all you will find is plenty of free citizen focused resources all designed […]