King County Judges Diverting Public Funds

Accountability moves one step closer for the 54 Judges of King County Superior Court. Yesterday a lawsuit was filed in Snohomish County Superior Court under cause number 14-2-03819-2. The Lawsuit alleges that the defendants have engaged in a long term pattern of diverting public funds and resources to support a private cause. This comes on […]

Missing Sky Metalwala Case

2-01-11 Metalwala Declaration 3-03-11 Full DVPO Metalwala Respondent 3-03-11 Temp Orders CS and Maintenance 6-04-10 DVPO Metalwala Petitioner 6-09-10 DVPO Metalwala Petitioner 6-30-10 DVPO Biryukova Petitioner 7-14-10 DVPO Response Biryukova 7-14-10 DVPO Response Metalwala 9-13-10 Declaration of Stan Biryukova 9-13-10 Nadia Biryukova Declaration 9-23-10 DVPO Strict Reply Julia Biryukova 9-27-10 DVPO Metalwala Respondent 11-23-11 Notice_of_Association[1] […]

Doug Bartholomew Complete Unabridged History – New Documents Added

Doug Bartholomew has been providing Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment services in the Seattle area for over 20 years. During most of that time he was the darling of the Courts, his assessments and evaluations while virtually devoid of any clinical legitimacy are typically over compensated for in volume, conjecture, hearsay, biased, and fantasy based conclusions. Bartholomew over the last […]

Michael La Rosa Murders Another Case of King County Judicial Failure

Shortly after arriving in Seattle Michael La Rosa got into trouble with the law, a Domestic Violence case, his girlfriend whom he met online, was the reason he had relocated to Seattle from Florida. From the very first interaction with Law Enforcement and the Judiciary the warning signs were blindingly clear, but he was simply passed through […]

KCSC Judge James Doerty Lawsuit

In our legal system there is a doctrine called the Appearance of Fairness, it is spelled out in statute several places and Judicial Cannons require it. but it is by implication included in every single one, it is fundamental in application. Case law on this can be found in the 1972 case of State v. […]

Welcome to the SCJA

The SCJA is short for Superior Court Judges Association a Washington State licensed business, we are in no way affiliated with or a agency of the State of Washington, we provide fee based and no fee based Judicial accountability consulting, but here all you will find is plenty of free citizen focused resources all designed […]